10 ‘Eerie’ Symptoms Which Indicate That You Had A Silent Stroke And That Another One Will Soon Follow

Strokes are a serious health condition which can happen suddenly, out of the blue and have deadly consequences. As much as people say that they never saw it coming, it’s not that there were no symptoms or warning signs, the problem is that many people are unaware of the most common symptoms of a stroke and are caught by surprise when it happens. That’s why in today’s article we’ll reveal the 10 most common early signs of a stroke you should pay attention to and react in time if you notice them:

Tremors and shortness of breath

People who’ve experienced a stroke report to feeling tremors and a shortness of breath right before the stroke. Both of these symptoms happen as a result of oxygen deprivation which leads to arrhythmia.

Discomfort and pain on just one side of the face

A radiating pain on just one side of the body is a tell-tale sign of a stroke.

Blurry vision and vision loss

If your vision becomes blurred or lost entirely for a moment or two a trip to the doctors’ is advised. The majority of stroke survivors say that blurry vision or vision loss is one of the things they remember experiencing before a stroke.

Loss of balance

Trouble walking or a loss of balance is another early warning sign of a stroke. Some even say they faced complete momentary paralysis and a collapse. If you suspect you’re having a stroke get up and open your arms, holding your palms up for about 10 seconds. If you’re having difficulties performing this task call 911 ASAP.

Facial paralysis

This is definitely one of the most common signs of a stroke and it usually affects just one half of the face.

Vertigo and unexplained, sudden headaches

If a headache strikes all of a sudden or you feel vertigo call your doctor and schedule and appointment.

Difficulties speaking and understanding words

If you’re having difficulties understanding others when they speak or can’t pronounce words properly you might want to visit your doctor.

Headaches and migraines

Studies show that frequent migraines and headaches are probably linked to stroke. This is more commonly experienced by women so if you suffer from regular headaches you should visit your doctor and find out what’s wrong.

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