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10 Minutes of This Exercise Can Burn More Calories Than 30 Minutes of Jogging

When it comes to shedding weight and getting in shape we know by now that running endlessly on treadmill and focusing on cardio for days in a row doesn’t help much. It does give results but not exactly the kind we aspire to achieve.

If you just want to lose that extra pounds you’ve accumulated then cardio is the way to go. But if you also want to tone your body, increase endurance and strength, you need to focus on resistance workout.

One study that followed 53 subjects examined the effects of resistance training on non-alcoholic fatty liver disorder and metabolic constraints. The subjects were divided into 2 groups, one that had to follow a resistance training routine three times a week for 3 months and the other was instructed not to train resistance. When the study finished the results showed significant improvements in the subjects who performed resistance training. They increased their muscle mass while reducing their insulin and fatty liver levels.

Aside from being overall health beneficial, resistance workout shapes, tones and increases muscle mass better than any other exercise. The best thing is that you can perform the training at home, on your own.

If you want to start a resistance training plan we’ve got the perfect set of 10 exercises for you. You can perform them in any order you like but be assured that they will help you get in shape in no time.

Top 10 Exercises for Weight Loss and Muscle Toning

  • The Plank

The plank is the best full body workout that should be performed by anyone trying to tone and sculpt their body. It also targets the transverse abdominous, the part of your body responsible for back pain.

  • The Lunge

Lunges will give you an excellent behind and killer hamstrings. If you can’t perform the lunge due to knee problems you can opt for the glute bridge.

  • The Squat

Squats are the best when it comes to shaping your butt and legs. If you feel like you need a bigger challenge use a dumb bell to increase the weight.

  • The Skater

This exercise is very good for developing knee and ankle stability. It’s also quite cha;;enging so your heart will start racing for sure.

  • The Get Up

Many people doubt they can get the desired six-pack by involving other muscles in their workout but sometimes this is the best way to go. This triceps exercise will work your whole core like nothing else.

  • The Push-Up

This oldie is a goodie, especially when it comes to tightening your triceps, strengthening your core and sculpting the shoulders and upper chest.

  • Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is much better than running. It’s more fun and better at sculpting your arms, legs and behind. Plus, you’ll burn a lot of calories and get your heart pumping like crazy.

  • The Pull-Up

This exercise can be challenging at the beginning but with time and practice you’ll get the hang of it. It will give you that sexy back you thought you can only dream of.

  • The Spider Crawl

Spider crawls are good because they target the core and at the same time increase your hip mobility.

  • The Burpee

With the burpee you exercise every single major muscle group. It’s also better at burning calories than any cardio exercise so go ahead and add it to your routine ASAP.

These ten exercises will get you your desired body, increase your resistance and strength and make you feel good about yourself all in under 15 minutes.

Source: naturalcureshouse.com

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