10 Signs That Your Body Is Full With Amoebas And Other Pathogenic Organisms And How To Remove Them!Symptoms that show your body is full of parasites

Experts estimate that approximately half the world suffers from some type of parasitic infection and most people aren’t even aware of this. Parasites are tiny organisms that infest other living organisms and start feeding on them, taking all the nutrients and making the host weak and sick.

We can all live with these parasites without them causing problems as long as they are in small numbers. However, when they multiply and grow we start feeling the negative effects and start exhibiting the signs.

Symptoms that show your body is full of parasites

How can you tell if you have parasites in your body? Well here are some tell-tale signs that will reveal if there are parasites that feed on you:

Bruxism: This is when people grind and squeeze their teeth without even knowing it. Studies have shown that this is a result of parasites which release toxins in your organisms and prompt teeth grinding.
Anemia: This can also be a result of a parasitic infection because we know that parasites feed on the nutrients and vitamins we ingest and strip our body of all the essential nutrients it requires to survive.
Poor Skin Quality: If you suffer from pimples, rashes, skin inflammations and similar skin disorders you might be having a parasitic infection.
Muscle aches and joint pain: Parasites can also hit the muscles and joints and cause inexplicable pain so if you’re dealing with something like this it may be a result of a parasitic infection.
Neurological problems: There are some parasites which can directly attack our brain and lead to neurological disorders.
Abrupt Appetite Changes: If you start exhibiting strange changes in your appetite, feeling hungry all the time or a lack of appetite it may be caused by parasitic worms.
Weakness: If we suffer from parasitic infections we will feel weak and tired all the time because our body isn’t getting all the nutrients it requires.
Discomfort around the anal area: Worms in our body can cause itching and discomfort around the anal area.
Stomachaches: Parasites can often cause swelling and bloating and lead to stomach aches.
Digestive issues: Since they feed on our food and strip it from all the important nutrients we consequently feel digestive problems.

Natural remedies to eliminate parasites

  • Ginger and garlic remedy

You’ll need:
-3 garlic cloves
– 750ml water
-3 small pieces of ginger
Toss the ginger and garlic in a small pot filled with water and bring it to a boil. Let it simmer for a bit and set it aside. Let it cool down and drink it twice a day with your meal.

  • Flaxseeds and clove remedy

What you’ll need:
-100gr. flaxseeds
-10 gr. cloves
Grind both the ingredients until you get a fine powder, you can use a food processor as well. Mix the powders and consume 2tbsp. of the mixture first thing in the morning. Mix it in with your breakfast or in a glass of water, however you prefer.
Consume it for 3 days then take a three-day break and start again. Follow this routine for a month and soon enough you’ll start feeling the improvement.

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