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10 Week Home Workout Plan, No-Gym! Amazing Results Guaranteed!

Everyday exercise is essential for maintaining optimal health: improves the circulation and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduces the risk of getting diabetes and some cancers, controls your weight, strengthens the bones and muscles, improves the mood and is a great method for stress relief etc. Starting with the exercises is the hardest and the first few weeks are the toughest.
Here we have a 10-week, no-gum, everyday workout plan that you can do in the comfort of your home. Whether you need to burn fat or to build muscle, these exercises will help you achieve you perfect figure and will also improve your overall health. Here is the explanation of few of the exercises:


– Lay down on a yoga mat with the back flat on the ground. Start by crossing your hands behind your head or in front of your chest, then raise your legs at a 90-degree angle towards your body and bring your belly button into the base of your spine. Sit up and touch your knees with your elbows or chest. Make sure to inhale when you lie down and exhale as you sit up.


Start in a high plank position, with your hands on the ground directly under your shoulders. Lower your body by bending your elbows, but make sure that the back remains flat. While lowering yourself, draw the shoulder blades back by tucking your elbows near the body. Exhale while returning to the starting position.


Stand strait, with the legs several inches apart, and look forward. Step in with one foot, bending your knee at an angle of 90-degrees. You knee should be below your ankle and pass your toes. Pull back and repeat this with the other leg.


Stand strait, with your legs a little bit wider than shoulder width apart, the hips should be over your knees and the knees over the ankles. The spine should remain neutral with the shoulders rolled back. Straighten out your arms with the palms faced downwards. Keep your upper body upright when the buttocks sticks out, and keep the back and head straight. Go as deep as you possibly can!

This is a no-gym workout plan, so going to the gym isn’t necessary, all the exercises can be done in the comfort of your home or outside in nature. Get ready to build muscle mass, burn fat, be in perfect shape and get your dream body!


– 35 jumping jacks
– 15 lunges
– 10 butt kicks
– 10 sit ups
– 20 squats
– 25 crunches
– 5 push-ups
– 25 seconds – wall sit
– 15 seconds – plank


– 10 jumping jacks
– 25 lunges
– 20 butt kicks
– 35 sit ups
– 10 squats
– 20 crunches
– 10 push-ups
– 15 seconds – wall sit
– 30 seconds – plank


– 50 jumping jacks
– 25 lunges
– 25 butt kicks
– 30 sit ups
– 15 squats
– 30 crunches
– 10 push-ups
– 35 seconds – wall sit
– 40 seconds – plank


– 25 jumping jacks
– 15 lunges
– 35 butt kicks
– 50 sit ups
– 35 squats
– 20 crunches
– 20 push-ups
– 60 seconds – wall sit
– 30 seconds – plank


– 55 jumping jacks
– 60 lunges
– 50 butt kicks
– 40 sit ups
– 25 squats
– 30 crunches
– 30 push-ups
– 45 seconds – wall sit
– 60 seconds – plank


– 1st week – jogging – 30 seconds and sprint – 30 seconds (repeat this five times)
– 2nd week – jogging – 45 second and sprint – 35 seconds (repeat this six times)
– 3rd week – jogging – 60 second and sprint – 45 seconds (repeat this seven times)
– 4th week – jogging – 45 second and sprint – 50 seconds (repeat this eight times)
– 5th week – jogging – 30 second and sprint – 55 seconds (repeat this seven times)
– 6th week – jogging – 45 second and sprint – 60 seconds (repeat this six times)
– 7th week – jogging – 60 second and sprint – 65 seconds (repeat this five times)
– 8th week – jogging – 45 second and sprint – 70 seconds (repeat this six times)
– 9th week – jogging – 30 second and sprint – 75 seconds (repeat this seven times)
– 10th week – jogging – 45 second and sprint – 80 seconds (repeat this eight times)

Make sure to do the special exercises for the day with the cardio workout for the week. Rest on the weekends to allow you body to heal itself!
The results are amazing!

Article and image source: www.healthyfoodhouse.com

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