15 Common Curtsey Rules Everyone Should Know

Courtesy manners are a sign of politeness, despite of what other people may think. Having good manners is a way of speaking respectably, using proper vocabulary, being courteous, controlling ones emotions and most of all having a neat and clean appearance. Behaviors befitting of a Gentleman or a Lady

So, if you want to learn a few good manners, have a look at the following 15 etiquette rules:

  • Regardless of one’s age, status or profession, one should always great everyone when entering somewhere.
  • When a person is walking with someone, and that someone greets other people, that person should also greet them, despite not having met them before.
  • Do not forget to thank people when they help you. This is a sign of appreciation and good manners.
  • When apologizing and having the apology accepted, make sure to never make the same mistake again.
  • One should never stare at others, laugh or talk loudly to people.
  • Personal things you should not discuss: age, wealth, gifts, affairs, family problems, medical problems, honor, disgrace, religion etc.
  • Polite men respect all women equally.
  • Women should never allow any men to carry their bag, whereas men should always take a woman’s coat to the cloakroom.
  • Don’t go out with people, if you tend to spend the entire time calling or texting others.
  • Avoid having meaningless chats over the phone and answer it only when it’s very important.
  • When you are with someone, constantly checking your phone could be understood as boredom and disinterest. Give your undivided attention to the person you’re with, instead of checking your social media profiles.
  • If one person is the only one following a trend, people will find it ridiculous, no matter of how good it looks.
  • When eating sushi, men can use their hands Instead of chopsticks.
  • When at the theater, cinema, etc. when walking to your seat, your face should face the people you pass by.
  • When driving a car be careful not to splash passersby.

Complying with these rules is a wonderful way of making the world a better place to be for us all. Even though some of them are hard to live by, it is very important to have them as a part of your personality because good manners and common courtesy never go out of style.


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