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16 Shocking Ways To Use Leftover Orange Peels To Improve Your Health And Everyday Life

Oranges are multipurpose, energy-giving fruits, that can be used the field of crafting, as well as in field of beauty and nutrition. Once you are done enjoying the vibrant taste of the fruit the don’t throw away the orange peels and let them go to waste. Here are some interesting ways you can use the peels to enhance your beauty and improve your health.

In your tea!
  • Extract the zest of the orange peels by cutting it into strips, then dry them and use them or your tea! It tastes amazing with Earl Grey!
Use it as a zest!
  •  You can extract the zest from the orange peel by either cutting it or scraping it. Then you can add it in various meals such as cereal, yogurt, salads, on a toast, etc. This is a great way to benefit from its health properties.
As candies!
  • Make candied orange peels. It is a cute and tasty gift to family or friends, or treat yourself with a little bit of candy.
As a facial mask!
  •  Make a face mask by mixing honey with 2 tablespoons of orange zest and stir until it forms a paste. Apply the mixture on your face. It is great for rejuvenating the skin and treating acne scars.
Teeth whitening!
  • It is said that by rubbing the peel itself, without any of the acidic fruit, on the teeth may be effective for teeth whitening!
As a body scrub!
  • Make your own homemade body scrub using raw sugar and coconut oil as a base, and then you can add the orange zest of the orange. it is very effective for exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin. You can extract the zest using a cheese grater or a zester.
As an essential oil!
  • You can add orange peels to your baths. The essential oil of the orange can relax and rejuvenate you.
You can use it on the skin as an insect repellant!
  • You can rub your skin with the orange oil of the peel. This may serve as a natural insect repellent. It has a zesty flavor, that is too strong for insects. As long as it lasts on the skin the bugs will leave you alone.
As a candle!
  • Carefully cut the orange with a knife to get bowl-like peel cups. As a base and a top or the candle you can use one of the pieces with the “inner” stem still attached. The stem from the bottom half can serve as a wick. Simply poor a tablespoon of olive or canola oil over it and into the base. After that you can  light your candle. Cut one more hole in the other piece, so when you put it on there will be some ventilation for oxygen to get to the wick.
In a potpourri!
  • You can add orange peels to potpourri with some other complimentary flowers. Because the orange is very zesty and strong, I’d recommend adding softer and milder smelling flowers like chamomile  or lavender.
Perfume your home!
  • When you want your home to smell like oranges, just put a handful of orange peels into a pot with water, and boil the mix on the stove. The steam will give your house an amazing smell for a period of time! It perfumes the house really fast and it is great when unannounced guest are coming over.
Use dried orange peels as a natural air freshener or deodorizer!
  • For your closets, dressers or clothes drawers or your shoes drawers. Simply put the dried orange peels into a small muslin bag and place them somewhere for a nice natural clean smell.
As a cleaning agent!
  • Mix orange peels and vinegar and use the mixture as a natural homemade cleaning product.
To get rid of grease!
  • Apart from using it with vinegar for cleaning, you can also just rub the orange peels on stains in the kitchen to get rid of grease on the stove or other surfaces.
As a neutralizer of foul odors!
  • Orange peels can be used to neutralize foul odors, just put orange peels under the trash bag or in the garbage disposal. These areas will smell fresh and clean longer than usually!
As a food moisture absorber!
  • Dried orange peels have the ability to draw moisture and can be used to keep other products, such as sugar, dry. Just put some dried orange peels in the sugar container and it will prevent the product from spoiling.


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