16 Signs That Tell You It Is Time to Drain the Lymph Fluid

There’s more fluids in our body’s lymphatic system than there is blood in our body. The lymph fluid runs through our entire body, connecting every organ and tissue and helping our body to eliminate the toxic waste and by-products.

The lymph system’s main function is to transport the lymph fluid which are essential for every organ in our body and serve to defend them from infections. If you want to have a healthy body you must maintain a healthy lymphatic system

If your lymphatic system’s function is somehow jeopardized and there’s congestion you’ll experience the following symptoms:

  1. Environmental allergies which lead to irritations and increased histamine levels
  2. Feeling discomfort and breast swelling during every cycle
  3. Swollen fingers
  4. Weight gain and stomach fat
  5. Low immune response
  6. Feeling stiff in the morning
  7. Hypersensitivity
  8. Acne breakout and rashes
  9. Swollen glands
  10. Moderate headaches
  11. Water retention and bloating
  12. Skin dryness
  13. Itchiness
  14. Brain fog
  15. Fatigue
  16. Diarrhea, stool mucus or constipation

What are the most common reasons for lymph congestion?

Lymph congestion can happen as a result of a number of things but the most common causes for this problem are the following:

Digestive system imbalance

The majority of lymph fluid is located around the gut. So if the tissue that surrounds this area starts to become critical every digestive process will become affected, including the lymph flow.

You’re buying clothes that are too small

You should always buy clothes in which you feel comfortable and never anything that feel too tight around your body. Clothes that are too tight will cluster your lymph nodes. This goes especially for your upped chest area and under the arms. For example, if you wear a bra that’s too small your lymph nodes will be pressured and normal drainage will be prevented.

Moreover, wearing this type of clothes regularly can lead to a number of health problems, including swelling of the lymph nodes, fibrocystic breast tissue and in some cases even breast cancer.

Excessive stress

Stress can cause a number of health problems and is the main factor in the development of an array of diseases. It can also lead to lymph congestion so mind your stress levels.

Iodine Deficiency

Iodine significantly alleviates the harmful effects of the environment and is crucial for the proper functioning of your lymphatic system, supporting it on a cellular level.

Detox your lymphatic system in just 3 days

Experiencing just three of the above mentioned symptoms would indicate that your lymphatic system needs a detox, experiencing more than just 2 means that a detox is a must. But even if your lymphatic system is in desperate need of a detox you can perform it in just three days.

It’s worth mentioning that during those three days you should rest and try to stay at home more because the detox is quite powerful and will exhaust you completely. In addition to the detox method it’s advisable that you practice some moderate exercise because they’re crucial for moving your valves and draining the lymph fluids.

More importantly, make sure you stay at home for those three days, because this detox is very powerful. It will exhaust your body, and you will need to rest most of the time. If you decide to go through with this method make sure you do some exercises.

Here are the steps you need to follow to perform the detox.

  1. Hydrate your body

The lymph nodes contain more water than blood, they’re composed of 95% water so it’s no surprise that drinking plenty of water is a must if you want to have them functioning properly. Moreover, the dehydration is the most common cause for lymph congestion meaning that drinking plenty of water is crucial.

Keep your lymphatic system hydrated by drinking plenty of water, herbal tea, natural juices and soups. For a full lymphatic system cleanse mix water and lemon juice and re-vitalize your body. Add some green leafy vegetables to your eating regimen because they improve your lymphatic function and help the detox process. The results will be visible in just three days.

  1. Herbs

Herbs promote your overall health and are essential for your lymph system as well. Prepare some fresh herbal tea from the following herbs for a detox:

  • Red clovers are excellent for detoxifying your body, reducing the inflammation and improving your circulation
  • Prepare some cleavers herbal tea to alleviate the swelling of the nodes and prevent and treat cysts. It can also help in case of kidney stones.
  • Red root is another herb with excellent effects when it comes to lymph congestion, relieving swollen nodes and eliminating cysts. It’s also very nutritious for your tissues.
  • Mahjistha is good for prompting lymph flow, restarting your lymph nodes and detoxing the tissues.
  • Finally we must mention the echinacea herb which is an excellent herb for cleansing.  In addition to boosting your lymph flow, this amazing herb increases the T- lymphocyte production while it penetrates the microorganisms and tumor cells.
  1. Frequent Exercise

If you want to have a healthy body and soul you need to start some regular physical activity. It will boost the function of your entire lymphatic system and give it a full detox.

  1. Infrared Sauna

Infrared sauna is very beneficial for your lymphatic system because it has the ability to penetrate into your skin and boost the nervous system from within. It also will improve your lymph flow and remove the toxins.

  1. Walking

Even walking can be beneficial for your lymphatic system as long as you do it every day for at least 45-60 minutes.

  1. Keep your legs up against the wall

Keeping your legs up against the wall will stimulate your lymph flow and boost its function. Plus it will help you sleep better and detox your system.

  1. Lymphatic Massage     

A lymphatic massage can be highly beneficial, here’s how you can perform it at home:

  1. Sedentary position should be avoided

Don’t sit for too long at the same place. Try walking around every half an hour, stretch your legs and be active. This will encourage the lymph flow.

  1. Hydrotherapy

Showering with cold and hot water simultaneously will improve your lymph flow and help it function better.

  1. Dry skin brushing

Dry skin brushing is also very beneficial but you need to perform it with a natural bristle brush. It will unclog your lymph nodes and eliminate the toxins.

  1. Deep breathing exercises

Stretch out your arms wide and breathe through the nose. At the same time start moving your hands in a circular notion. Hold your breath for a few seconds and breathe out via the mouth, start lowering your hands back down.

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