24 Facts about Left-Handed People That You Did Not Know

Even with all the advancements, science is still unable to discover what makes a person left or right handed. A new study has revealed a potential link between our genes and the environment – a big percentage of left-handed people come from families which had at least one left-handed member.

What else was discovered?

Between this potential link, scientists found out that the wiring of the brain of left and right-handed people is not the same. Left-handed people are usually more independent as they’re trying to adapt in a right-handed world and are more creative and artistic as well. Here’s a list of 24 facts about left-handers you probably weren’t aware about:

  • The term “left” has Anglo-Saxon roots – it is a derivative of the word “lyft”, meaning broken, which is how left-handed people were perceived in the past;
  • Left-handers use the right side of their brain more often;
  • People with a dominant left-hand are good at sports such as tennis or swimming;
  • Here’s something you surely didn’t know – between 5 and 10% of the world’s population is left-handed;
  • Here’s a funny fact – left-handed people see better underwater than right-handed!
  • 4 out of 7 US states are predominantly left-handed;
  • About 40% of the world’s tennis players are left-handed, including Rafael Nadal;
  • Left-handers are 3% more likely to become alcoholics;
  • Left-handed people reach puberty 5 months after right-handers;
  • According to statistics, left-handers have a 26% higher chance of becoming rich than right-handed people;
  • In animals, the percentage of left and right-handers is equally divided;
  • August 13 is the International Left-Handers day;
  • One study revealed that left-handed people process emotions differently than right-handers;
  • Tesserae decades, dresses and sweater are the 3 longest words you can type using only your left hand;
  • Several studies suggest that left-handers are better at maths, spatial awareness and architecture. The same studies concluded that right-handed people are better orators;
  • Throughout history, left-handers were associated with neurosis, devil worship, homosexuality and criminality. However, they were also associated with artistry and creativity;
  • Left-handers are more prone to insomnia than their right-hand counterparts;
  • According to statistical data, there are more than 30 million left-handed people in the USA alone;
  • Women who give birth in their 40s have a whopping 128% higher chance of giving birth to a left-handed child;
  • Jack The Ripper, Osama Bin Laden and other criminals and serial killers were left-handed;
  • According to doctors, left-handed people can adapt quicker to their right hand than right-handers can use their left hand in cases of injury;
    Left-handedness usually runs in the family – many members from the British Royal Family including Prince William and Queen Elizabeth
  • II are left-handed;
  • Left-handed people are more prone to asthma and allergies;
  • One of the 4 Apollo crew members was left-handed.


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