The 25 Most Alkaline Foods on Earth (Eat more to help prevent cancer, heart failure and obesity)

Our body needs to be an alkaline environment so that everything can run smoothly and our health is at an optimal level. However, the unhealthy lifestyle we all lead, eating processed and GMO foods, physical inactivity and the environmental toxins we’re all exposed to disrupt our pH balance and push our body towards acidosis.

A body that’s too acidic will struggle with weaker immune system and will inevitably be more prone to numerous diseases, including cancer. That’s why we need to alkalize our body and the best way to do it is through consuming more alkalizing food.

In this article we’ll present the 25 most alkaline foods in the world which you should consume more often if you want to lower your risk of cancer, obesity and heart failure.

Swiss chard

This veggie is among the top 5 most alkalizing foods and also contains anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which help fight off the free radicals in your body.


All types of melons are excellent for colon cleansing and since they have a pH level of 8,5 it means that they’re super alkalizing as well.


Buckwheat is an excellent substitute for wheat and will help you raise your energy levels and lower your risk of cardiovascular problems.

Olive Oil

This oil is abundant in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

Flax Seed

Flaxseeds are rich in vitamin E and fibers and are highly alkalizing agents. They’re also good for women in menopause as they’re known to reduce the hot flashes and will help with inflammations as well.

And here are the rest of the 25 best alkalizing foods in the world:

Avocado – It’s abundant in monounsaturated fats and are good for your heart.

Bananas – especially ripe bananas are excellent for your overall health.

Berries – All berries are abundant in antioxidants.

Carrots – They’re good for your eyes and rich in beta carotenes.

Garlic – The herb is the best natural remedy for hypertension.

Broccoli – If you have high cholesterol levels consume steamed broccoli.

Grapes – They’re abundant in antioxidants and vitamins.

Pineapple – This tropical fruit is good for weight loss.

Alfalfa Sprouts – They’re easily digestible and will help you maintain hormonal balance.

Lemons – Lemons are among the best alkalizing foods in the world.

Brussels sprouts – Have cancer-preventing properties.

Sauerkraut – All fermented foods and probiotic are good against acidosis.

Cauliflower – Can easily replace bread in your diet.

Grapefruit – Excellent source of vitamin C and A.

Seaweed – It’s rich in iron.

Quinoa – It’s good for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Cucumber – Excellent for skin health.

Parsley – Good for intestinal cleansing.

Mango – Good for colon cleansing

Spinach – The richest vegetable source of vitamins

Orange – Excellent against cold.

Papaya – Strong natural laxative properties.


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