27 Alkaline Foods That Can Help Prevent Obesity, Cancer And Heart Problems

Processed foods are very unhealthy and despite knowing this, we still crave them. Fast food, sugar desserts, GMO foods are all very unhealthy and harmful. Even so, we act unaware. Because of this our body’s pH is changing and we put our health at risk.

We cause our organisms to become acidic when it is natural to be alkaline and thus risking developing many disorders and illnesses . So why do we do that? Why do we eat  unhealthy foods? An acidic organism is a perfect environment for bacteria and diseases.

Alkaline foods:

First, you have to be aware of what kind of food you eat. To help you with that, read this list that contains various alkaline food items that will help you restore your health. You should never wait to become sick in order to eat healthy. Remember, it is better to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent.

  •  Buckwheat- It gives you energy and keeps you satiated, and it also protects your heart.
  • Flax seed- It is anti-inflammatory, has a lot of vitamin E, and It is alkaline too. It also helps in reducing menopause flashes.
  •  Swiss chard- this is highly alkaline and it protects us from bacteria, viruses and free radicals.
  •  Olive oil- this oil is rich in vitamin E, monounsaturated fats. It can be used in various dishes and it is very tasty.
  • Melon- the melon has a pH level of 8.5. Eat any kind of melon, but make sure to always eat it fresh. The water melon is rich in  fibers, consist of 92% water and is a great ` cleanser.


Other Alkaline foods:

  •  Avocados (rich in monounsaturated fats)
  •  Alfalfa sprouts (rich in enzymes for hormonal balance)
  •  Bananas (is considered a super food)
  •  Berries (antioxidants)
  •  Broccoli (reduces cholesterol)
  •  Brussels sprouts (anti cancer properties)
  •  Cauliflower (bread replacement)
  •  Carrots (beta carotene for improving eyesight)
  •  Cucumber (healthy skin due to 90% water)
  •  Fermented foods (sauerkraut/probiotic)
  •  Garlic (for pressure)
  •  Grapes (rich in antioxidants and multivitamins)
  •  Grapefruit ( rich in vitamin A and C)
  •  Lemons (cold, flu)
  •  Mango (cleanse of colon)
  •  Oranges (for cold)
  •  Papaya (removal of colon toxins/laxative)
  •  Parsley (cleanses intestines)
  •  Pineapple (weight loss)
  •  Quinoa (leveling blood sugar)
  •  Seaweed (iron and reducing acidity)
  •  Spinach (for iron)

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