3 Simple Exercises That Heal Knee Pain Without Surgery Or Medication

We use our knees every day, for every movement, while we stand, walk or run, every action we make involves our knees. This is quite normal, but it also involves putting a lot of pressure on them and the more we weigh we bigger the pressure on our knees. To put this in numbers, every pound of fat we have is equal to 10 pounds of pressure on our knees and joints during running and 3 pounds during walking. This amount of pressure leads to weakened knees and joint which in time will succumb to the pressure and we’ll have difficulties moving.

If you want to protect your knees and renew your joints, Dr. Jo, a physical advisor, recommends a set of 3 simple exercises. These exercises will help you heal your knees and joints and ease the pain of movement in a short period of time.

Here are the exercises Dr. Jo recommends:

Place a few hardcover books in a stack and stand with your feet on each side of the stack. Keep your back straight and face forward. Moving slow drop your body straight down so that your knee touches the books. Stand back up and repeat for as much reps as you can before you switch legs.

You’ll need a coffee table or a bench for this exercise. Stand with your back facing the bench and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Lean back as if you’re trying to sit down until your behind touches the surface and stand back up. Repeat until you feel a burning sensation in your knees. Pause and do two more reps.

Step Ups
Get your pile of books in front of you again. Step with one leg on top of the pile and put your entire weight on that leg. Bring your other leg slowly next to the pile. Put it back behind and repeat until you can. Switch with the other leg.
Here’s a short video in which Dr. Jo gives additional information about how to eliminate knee pain:



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