This 46 Year Old Woman Had Hands Like A 70 Year Old And Then Her Friend Gave Her An Amazing Skin Recipe!

Our hands are probably our most used organ and it’s no wonder that they’re the first to show signs of aging. The skin on our hands is also very sensitive and thin and if we want to preserve their youthfulness we need to take good care for them.

Below you’ll find a few advices on how to regenerate the skin on your hand and preserve its subtleness and flexibility.

Egg mask – according to experts, eggs increase the skin’s elasticity so they are beneficial when it comes to skin care. Combine 1tbsp of honey with an egg white, apply the mask on your hands and leave it on to dry off. Wash them afterwards with some water and soap.

Potatoes – potatoes are also good for making your skin smooth and subtle. Cook one potato, mash it and mix it with some milk, honey and 2tbsp. olive oil. Store it in the fridge for a bit and apply the mixture on your hands 3 times a day. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with soap and water.

Rosehip oil – this essential oil strengthens your skin and makes it more elastic. Apply some of the oil on your hands and massage them with it.

Sugar and lemon scrub – Combine the juice of half a lemon with 2tbsp. sugar and use this mixture for hand exfoliation.

Almond oil – mix some almond oil and water and soak the hands in the mixture for 5 minutes. Dry your hands and apply some Vaseline, put on a pair of cotton gloves and go to bed. Remove the gloves in the morning.

Don’t bite your nails – It’s a nasty habit which will affect the skin around the nails and hinder nail growth

No hot water – Don’t wash your hands with water that’s too hot, it’ll dry out the skin on your hands.

Protect your hands from the cold – always wear gloves when it’s cold and windy outside and make sure your hands are always warm.


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