5 Powerful Recipes For Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids are vascular structures located in the anal canal in charge of stool control. They can often become swollen or inflamed in people who have stool problems and lead to a painful and uncomfortable condition that can obstruct your everyday life. Hemorrhoids commonly appear in people who strain too hard when trying to defecate, or if your diet lacks the necessary fiber, lack of water, or conditions like constipation.

Statistics show than more than half of the world population has experienced or will experience inflamed hemorrhoids at one point in their lives and many people struggle with them chronically. They can affect people of both genders and all ages and the prescribed therapy is ointments and topical creams which usually are effective. However, there’s also a more natural approach to this problem and if you’re looking for an effective natural remedy for hemorrhoids we’ve selected the 5 most effective ones in the list below.

5 Powerful Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

Epsom salt

Epsom salt in combination with glycerin is a very effective remedy for hemorrhoids. Combine 2tbsp. of the salt with 2tbsp of glycerin, mix them to get a homogenous mixture and apply it directly on the hemorrhoids. Place a gauze over them and leave it on for 20 minutes. Perform this treatment a couple of times a day until the pain subsides.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an effective remedy for constipation but it also has potent anti-inflammatory properties and can resolve your hemorrhoid problem effectively. Just apply some aloe Vera gel on the affected area and the pain and discomfort will soon subside.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil can be used for a variety of health issues, from medicinal problems to cosmetic ones. Hemorrhoids are just one of the many conditions coconut oil can help you with. All you have to do is apply some coconut oil on them, rub it in gently, leave it on for a bit before rinsing it with lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment a couple of times a day.


ACV is an excellent natural remedy for a number of health problems and it’s quite effective against hemorrhoids as well. Mix ACV with water in equal amounts and then soak a cotton pad in the solution and apply it over your hemorrhoids. Leave it on for a bit and re-apply it a couple of times a day until they’re gone.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is abundant in antioxidants which can help you relieve the pain and discomfort and treat your hemorrhoids. Squeeze 1-2 lemons in a small bowl, soak a cotton ball in it and apply it on the hemorrhoids. Repeat the treatment every 6 hours for as long as you feel you need to.

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