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5 Types of Belly Fat and How to Get Rid of Them

Abdominal fat deposits can affect your health negatively and make you feel bad about your appearance, always trying to hide them under your clothes. However, if you want to eliminate excess fat from your belly you firstly need to find out what really causes it.

Belly fat can be caused by a number of things, such as eating unhealthy food, weight gain in general, sedentary lifestyle and certain medical conditions. According to studies, there are 5 types of belly fat which have different causes.

Bloated belly

A bloated belly is a result of some digestive problems and is often accompanied by flatulence. To resolve the issue you should drink more water and probiotics.

Postnatal belly

After you give birth it’s normal that the belly remains bigger than before. If you want to eliminate your baby weight in the belly are you should start exercising and massaging the area.

Alcohol belly

Too much alcohol like wine and beer have a high calorie count and affect your digestion negatively. In order to get rid of your alcohol belly, you should start drinking less alcohol and consume more veggies and fruits.

Hormonal belly

Belly fat can often be caused by hormonal imbalances and even lead to general weight gain. If you want to eliminate hormone-caused belly fat you should check your hormones, get them under control and make some dietary changes.

Stress belly

Sleep disorders and excess stress can lead to abdominal fat. If you want to eliminate the fat gain around your waist you should start sleeping more, reduce your stress levels and reduce your caffeine intake.


Article and image source : http://healthy-life-box.com/5-types-belly-fat-get-rid/


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