1. A long lasting marriage can only happen if both partners take responsibility for their actions and are accountable for themselves. There’s no point denying something that you’ve done, you’ll only be hurting yourself and your relationship.
  2. Maintain physical contact with your partner, kiss each other, hold hands, caress, rub shoulders or even high-five each other. Research shows that regular physical contact creates a stronger bond through oxytocin release so do it more often.
  3. Agree to disagree with each other. You can’t always agree with your partner on everything, that’s normal, but learn to accept your differences.
  4. Gifts are important, they can be small and inexpensive but it’s the thought that matters. Invest in your relationship by doing small things that go a long way, write a note to your partner and drop it in her or his purse without them noticing, it will brighten their day when they see it. Pick a few flowers on the way home from work or make a card to tell them how much they mean to you.
  5. Women want to be listened to and men should remember that. You don’t have to solve every problem your wife has, just hear her out, it’s more than enough. Men on the other hand, need their space, and women should understand that and allow them to pull away without taking it personally.
  6. Don’t try to change your partner and shape him or her by your desires. You need to accept each other the way you are, with all the flaws and imperfections, and love each other just the same.

7.If you’re having problems, don’t talk to each other anymore, it’s getting boring in the bedroom, resentment arises and so on, you need to look at them as symptoms and treat them just as you would treat symptoms of s disease. Try everything you can, however stupid or weird it may seem, chances are that something will work and you’ll strengthen your relationship even more. Your partner will appreciate the fact that you’re trying so hard to salvage your marriage and respect you for that.

  1. When you argue with your partner don’t just blame him for everything and don’t insist on always being right. Try to listen all the way through without interruptions and then tell your side of the story. Explain how you feel and what’s bothering you, your partner can’t read your mind. It’s important to communicate openly and speak your mind everything something bugs you.
  2. If you want your marriage to be successful you need to accept that every argument has two sides and both should be responsible for it. You can’t always be right and your partner always wrong, both partners can have valid reasons to be upset and you should understand that.
  3. You need to bring back the word fair in your relationship and be fair to each other. Are you fair when it comes to your responsibilities, household chores, parenting, finances and support to each other? If you’ve tipped the balance in your favor you need to correct that and restore fairness in your relationship.
  4. Your marriage should always come first, before your career, children and personal aspirations. When your marriage is your priority you can overcome everything.
  5. Always treat your partner with kindness and patience, be kind to him and you’ll get kindness in return. If you treat your partner badly, with impatience and anger he’ll treat you the same in return. Be kind to each other and your marriage will flourish.
  6. When you feel like starting a sentence with the word ‘you’ start it with ‘I’ instead and express how you feel instead of what you think. It may sound easy but it’s actually not once you try it. Sharing your feelings will contribute to a better communication and improve your relationship.
  7. Appreciate your partner for everything he is and everything he’s done and show your appreciation candidly.
  8. Forget blame and criticism and focus on the good things in your partner. Think about what made you love him or her in the first place, what you love about him or her and always have these things on your mind. Express your appreciation and let your partner know you see him!
  9. Date night is a must, you should always keep one night of the week reserved just for the two of you. A romantic night of wine and dine can do wonders for your relationship and throw you back in time when you first started dating.
  10. Find time to talk to each other during the day, it can be 15 minutes every day but just talk, without work or kids talk.
  11. Work on your marriage by taking care of yourself. When you feel good about yourself you’ll feel good about your relationship, your partner and everything around you.
  12. Our partners are a reflection of ourselves, and if we work on ourselves we’ll be working on improving our reflection as well, our relationship will thrive and evolve.
  13. Have some fun with your partner. Find some time to enjoy together, leave the work obligations aside and just have fun. Go for a walk holding hands, have a picnic, cook together a romantic dinner, tell jokes to each other, laugh and enjoy the time you spend together.
  14. Don’t jump to blaming your partner for everything, take a breath and ask to hear his side of the story.
  15. Write down the 3 happiest moment in your relationship and spend a couple of minutes a day reminiscing about those times. Just thinking about them will fill your heart with joy and brighten your day instantly.
  16. Improve your marriage by using the following lines more often: “ I love you”, ‘I understand’, ‘I’m sorry’, ‘Nice to see you’, ‘Thank you’, I’ll always be here for you’, ‘I appreciate everything you do’.
  17. Appreciate your spouse for at least 5 times a day. Show them you see how much they try and express that gratitude through little love notes, scattered around the house. Look into their eyes and just tell them how much you appreciate them.
  18. If you want to rekindle the romance in your relationship you need to spend quality time with your partner or else you’ll end up living like roommates. Social events and gatherings, family times, doing household chores and walking the dog doesn’t count, you need to spend some time just the two of you doing something you love. Share new experiences, travel, explore some new place and enjoy each other’s company.
  19. Give your partner compliments every day, it’s a sign of appreciation and acknowledgment.
  20. You need to have a clear vision of how you want your future to look and share this vision with your partner.
  21. You’ll feel the urge to criticize your partner often but try to suppress this urge and do everything in your power to support him of her. Respect your partner and find a way to show him that.
  22. Date night should be a joint effort, not just one side’s idea. Arrange that you organize date night one week and your partner the next week. That way you’ll both be invested in this idea and it’ll be more fun.
  23. Tantra can help your relationship significantly, learn it and practice it with your partner.
  24. The key to a strong marriage is time spent together and communication.
  25. Respect is vital for a functional relationship and you need to respect each other if you want your marriage to last. Don’t insult each other because you’ll only regret it later and some things you say cannot be unsaid.
  26. If your schedules are hectic arrange to have at least 10 minutes every day to talk about something. It doesn’t have to be something important, just find a topic. Talk about your favorite movie or childhood memory, name the worst songs of all time or the best book you’ve read. It may sound funny but it’ll make you feel closer to each other if you talk at least 10 minutes every day about things that don’t really matter.
  27. Don’t try to control your partner, it’ll never end well for neither one of you.
  28. Remember the times before you got married and do some of the stuff you did back then. It will make you feel young again and will light up that romantic spark in you.
  29. Don’t lose yourself in work, children, obligations and chores. Every marriage should have a combination of family time, self-time and couple time. You can divide your time between the three as you see fit, but make sure all three times are equally represented.
  30. Sit back, relax and gaze into your partner’s eyes. This time is necessary for your limbic system to relax and unwind. You’ll feel closer to your partner and it’ll create a feeling of intimacy between the two of you.
  31. When you come home from work, before you go about doing anything else, hold each other’s hands and don’t speak for a minute. It may look weird but try it out, you’ll see how good you’ll feel afterwards.
  32. Don’t jump to conclusions and always find time to listen to your partner’s explanation before you storm out in rage. Whatever the problem is communication is vital to resolving it. Your mind can often wonder in the darkest places but it’s usually and exaggeration.
  33. Date night should be all about the two of you. Remember not to criticize everything because it will make your partner feel bad. The food may be bad, the service lousy, the movie boring but it’s the time you spend together that matters the most, so take advantage of this precious time and enjoy it without being critical about everything else.
  34. When thighs get hard in your relationship don’t pull back from your partner, pull towards him instead. Share your fears, your thoughts, share what makes you feel unhappy and talk about it. Pulling back will only increase the gap between you two and make things worse. Don’t shut yourself in and face your problems together.
  35. Accept your spouse for who they are and never try to change them.
  36. If there’s something that’s bothering your partner about your behavior let them tell you and don’t get upset upon hearing it. Try to work on your imperfections and find a compromise.
  37. Understand that your partner has his own interests and activities outside your marriage and accept them. Surely you have some things you enjoy doing on your own, how would you feel if your partner is unsupportive towards your hobbies and interests?
  38. If you feel like you’ve lost the spark do the following: write the top 10 things you loved about your partner before you got married, then write down 10 fun things you used to do together. Do one of those things each week and you’ll remember why you fell in love with him in the first place and the spark should be back in no time.
  39. Everyone is allowed to have a bad day once in a while but don’t let your partner take the fall for it.
  40. You need to trust your partner, trust is essential for a strong and healthy marriage. And it’s not just trust that he’s not fooling around, you need to trust him in every aspect of your marriage, if you can’t do it, then something is off.
  41. As time passes by, some things that seemed super important will soon fade away and you’ll realize how silly you were to get so upset over nothing. So don’t make any rush decisions and say something you’ll regret later.
  42. Every woman needs her spouse to give her the attention and look directly into her eyes when they speak. If you give your wife this she’ll feel loved, supported and fall more in love with you. Intimacy is something both partners need, but a woman needs to feel she’s loved to be fulfilled.
  43. Cherish every moment you spend together and make it a good one. Time passes by quickly and we need to take advantage of everything life gives us. Otherwise we’ll wake up one day, old and full of regrets of times passed by and opportunities missed. Love each other, have fun together, smile more, enjoy every minute of every day and remember that nothing lasts forever.


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