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7 fruit trees that can grow at home

Who said that you can’t have a beautiful garden if you live in an urban area? The lack of space is never a good excuse when it comes to beautiful garden as there are plenty of plants, trees and bushes you can grow even if you have a limited space. The only thing you need is to dedicate some time and effort and your garden will be amazing.

Here are some fruit trees you can grow at home without a problem:


Apples are among the healthies fruits in the world, rich in fiber and vitamins and abundant in numerous health benefits. They’re also delicious and easy to grow at home, all you need to do is remember that they thrive better in cool weather conditions and need some special care until they start bearing fruit. But if you start growing apples, you’ll have an unlimited supply of organic, home-grown apples to enjoy in.


Did you know you can grow a pomegranate tree in a pot? Yes, it’s true since their roots are shallow and easily adaptable, they’ll grow out of your pot without a problem. Pomegranates are super healthy as well and are especially beneficial for your skin and oral health. They abound in antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties.


Cherry trees are small in size but look gracefully so they’re an excellent addition to any garden. The cherry tree smells, looks and tastes amazing to the majority of animal world so if you plan on growing one in your garden you should make sure it’s well protected.


Plums can also be easily grown in a pot and the best time to sow it is the spring. The tree is an ornamental one, especially when it starts bearing fruits. It’s crucial that you pay special attention to the fruit in its first year so that its stems grow strong and tall. Protect it from excess water and wind and your tree should grow tall in no time.


The most important thing about growing a fig tree is to arrange its roots properly in a large pot. You need to ensure it has plenty of room to develop. If you want your figs to be juicy, plant it somewhere where it’ll get plenty of sunshine and water it regularly. When the temperatures are low, treat its roots with special care and attention.

Citrus fruits

It’s probably the simplest fruit tree to grow, the citrus loves its sunlight so make sure you plant it somewhere warm and sunny. Protect it from the wind, hydrate it well and plant it in fertile soil. Follow these advices and your tree will grow strong and beautiful, with delicious fruits.


Strawberries are commonly grown in pots as they are small in size and don’t even need a large pot. It has the basic needs, plenty of water, light and nutrients in the soil.

To grow fruit trees you need to extract the seeds, wash them and dry them. Then you can plant them in a pot with nutritive soil and make sure they get plenty of water and sun if you want to have juicy, delicious fruits.

Article and image source : https://www.homeremediescorner.com/health/7-fruit-trees-can-grow-home/


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