Alkaline water prevents cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis… Here is how to make it!

In today’s world there are thousands of new diseases and conditions that make millions of people around the globe sick. It’s almost impossible to believe that despite the advances in modern medicine, technology and science there are still some diseases that remain a mystery and are incurable even though they have been around for decades and millions of dollars have been invested in research and development. But the truth is much simpler than you think, the remedy for all of these difficult conditions is out there it’s just that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want us to know.

In today’s article we’ll be talking about one such remedy, alkaline water and its amazing health benefits. Many people claim that alkaline water can fight off the free radicals in your body and lower your risk of cancer and similar serious diseases.

The first person to discover the power of alkaline water was a former pharmacists and he’s the one who revealed the true recipe for alkaline water and shared it with the world.

Alkaline water benefits

Alkaline water is a potent antioxidant and detox agent. Drinking alkaline water on a daily basis will help you strengthen your immune system and eliminate acid, thus helping you feel more energized, improving your digestion and making you more resilient to diseases.

You can lower your risk of a plethora of health problems only by adding alkaline water to your everyday eating regimen. Consume more veggies as well in order to achieve pH balance in your body. What we eat controls the pH values in our organism and helps us achieve alkalinity.

It is believed that more than 90% of all cancers have developed in an acidic environment. The Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg was able to prove this and furthermore he was able to show that cancer cells can’t thrive in an alkaline environment with a pH value of +7,36. And it’s not just cancer that thrives in an acidic environment, other chronic diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems have all been linked to acidosis. That’s why if you want to have optimal health and protect yourself from these conditions you need to make your body an alkaline environment.

Here’s how you can prepare alkaline water:

  • 1 Lemon
  • ½ cucumber (medium sized)
  • ¼ inch of ginger root
  • ½ cup of fresh mint leaves

Method of preparation:

Wash your ingredients and chop them. Make sure you peel the ginger before chopping it. Toss everything in a small jar and fill it with water. Leave the jar overnight and strain the liquids in the morning. Drink some of the mixture before breakfast and consume the rest throughout the day.

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