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Attention! If You See These Insects in Your Home, Immediately Go to See a Doctor!

The Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention (CDC) addressed the latest health panic, and gave a warning concerning the issue- the bug Triatomine, or also known as the kissing bug. According to CDC this bug can cause death.

The name suggests that this bug is friendly, however it can transmit the Trupanosoma cruzi – a dangerous parasite. This parasite is deadly if it infiltrates the human body as it can cause the disease called Chagas. This health issue can alter the lives of millions of people everywhere.

This disease causes problematic heart issues that can even lead to death. The symptoms are slight in the beginning, however two months in after the infection they considerably elevate. These more pronounced symptoms include hard breathing, headaches, enlarged lymph glands. It appears as if the person has the flu, which is easily treated and basically harmless, so the illness is rarely discovered in the beginning. Other symptoms are eyelid swellings and skin lesions, 30 percent of all patients developed heart problems and 10 percent also suffered bad digestion.

At the moment, there is no way of immunization for this disease, however the early discovery and treatment is 100 percent effective. Also, keep your home safe by using sprays in the house and improve the hygiene. If the bug rubs its bite, it increases the risk for the illness and it spreads it faster, because this insect has deadly feces in its bite.
The only north areas in the USA facing this problems are the states New York and New England.
Be careful, these bugs can be hiding in these places in the house: at the bottom of homepage, in the rocks near the house and stony areas, in dog cages and chicken coops.



– Improve the hygiene and keep the house in pristine state;
– Remove stone or wood piles;
– Seal the cracks of walls, windows and doors;
– Turn off the yard lights, or even better completely remove any lights close to the house;
– Avoid puddles;
– If you see a single Triatomine immediately call the Department of Health.

Article and image source: organichealthcorner.com

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