Be Aware: 8 Early Signs Of Kidney Damage

Our kidneys are among the most important organs in our body in charge of flushing out the toxins from the blood out of our body. They filter more than 150 quarts of blood every day and if this wasn’t enough they’re also in charge of eliminating the excess fluids from our body. They take part in blood pressure regulation, maintaining electrolyte levels balanced and help in the production of red blood cells. Taking all of this into account, we need to understand the importance of this organs and take good care of them if we want to have optimal health.

Kidney problems, unfortunately, are a quite common problem, manifested through the following symptoms:


If your kidneys aren’t working properly they will not be able to flush out all the excess fluids from your system which can often lead to swelling.

Urination changes

Any changes in your urination pattern like foamy urine, trouble urinating, pain, changes in urine color and a more frequent need to urinate may indicate there’s some problem with your kidneys.


Kidney problems can often be manifested through chronic fatigue. When your kidneys function at optimal level they secret a hormone called EPO that’s in charge of the production of red blood cells. When the number of red blood cells is balanced there’s an optimal distribution of oxygen throughout the body. When this number is decreased you’ll experience fatigue as a result of your organs being deprived of oxygen.

Metallic taste in your mouth

A metallic taste in your mouth may be an indication of kidney failure which is why you need to go see a doctor immediately.

Shortness of breath

As a result of oxygen deprivation and the reduced number of red blood cells you make encounter difficulties breathing and shortness of breath.

Skin rashes

When your kidney function is jeopardized toxins will start accumulating in your body which may lead to skin irritations and rashes and make our skin appear dull and dry. If kidney problems are the root cause of your skin problems, you’ll need to consult a doctor and see what’s wrong.

Back pain

Pain in your lower back and around the kidney area can be a sign of some kidney problem, which is why you should get yourself checked out.


Kidney problems can also be manifested through dizziness, loss of focus and an inability to orient in space.

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