Begin Eating Two Eggs Per Day And These Nine Changes Will Affect Your Body!

Do you eat eggs? If you don’t we recommend you start adding them to your diet as they’re super beneficial and nutritious.

Many people believe that eggs are unhealthy and should be avoided but it turns out that it’s quite the opposite and all medical experts now recommend eating them on a regular basis.

You should eat eggs if you want to lose weight

Eggs for breakfast are an excellent choice as they’re loaded with healthy nutrients and will keep you satiated until lunch. Eggs contain plenty of protein and healthy fats which are good for your weight loss regimen as they will provide you with energy and eliminate food cravings, reduce your overall food consumption and boost the fat burning process.

Ingest vitamin D to increase your calcium absorption

Many people choose to have a boiled egg instead of taking a spoonful of fish oil. Scientists are tirelessly working on adding certain ingredients to the chicken meat which will increase the amount of vitamin D in the eggs and this is important because vitamin D improves calcium absorption and strengthens your bones and teeth.

Choline protects your brain

Consuming 2 eggs on a daily basis will provide your body with enough phospholipids that stimulate brain function. If you’re deficient in this substance you may experience short-term or long term memory problems.

Slows down the aging process

A recent study conducted in Netherlands discovered that women aged 35-40 who ate 2 eggs per day regularly reduced the appearance of wrinkles and saggy skin. This means that eggs have an anti-aging effect and should be added to your diet if you want to postpone the aging process.

Eggs help you conceive

One egg contains 7mg of vitamin B9. Why is this vitamin important with regards to sexual hormones? Because it helps in the neural tube formation process and boosts the creation of red blood cells, which increases your chances of getting pregnant.

Lutein protects your eyes

Eggs are abundant in lutein, an essential compound which helps maintain your vision sharp and protects your eyes from various health conditions. A lutein deficiency on the other hand, can cause complications and deteriorate your vision.

An abundance of vitamin B complex protects your liver, skin and hair

Eggs are rich in vitamin B which plays an important role in toxin elimination from the liver. These same vitamins improve the quality of your hair and skin.

Reduce your risk of cancer

Women that eat eggs regularly have a 15% lower risk of developing breast cancer as a result of the high amount of choline that eggs contain which reduces the chances of this disease.

Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders

Eggs are rich in good cholesterol which reduces the risk of numerous cardiovascular disorders. Contrary to popular belief, eggs are not harmful for your heart, they actually reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase the levels of good cholesterol, which is good for your heart. Moreover, eggs are abundant in omega 3 fatty acids which reduce the levels of triglycerides and thus your risk of heart problems.

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