The Best Cancer Fighting Fruit Is Ranked

Colon cancer is one of the fastest spreading cancers in the world, killing thousands of people every week around the globe. It’s one of the deadliest cancers in the US, with numbers escalating to 50.000 deaths per year, which is simply devastating. One of the reasons why it’s so lethal is that it’s almost always discovered in the late stages, when there is little to be done to stop its proliferation. However, according to a recent study, eating dry plums can significantly lower the risk of colon cancer and we’ll explain exactly how.

The Study

The study was conducted by Nancy Turner, a professor from Texas A&M University who presented her results at the Biology Conference in Massachusetts. Professor Turner’s team of experts discovered that consuming dry plums preserves the healthy bacteria and microflora in the gut, lowering the risk of colon cancer.
A number of studies conducted before already revealed that there is a direct connection between what we eat and the microflora content and metabolism in the colon and gut but this study revealed exactly what we need to consume to preserve it at optimal level. At a conference in Boston, professor Turner added that their study allowed them to identify 400 species out of the trillions of bacteria that reside in our intestinal tract and this led them to the discover how beneficial dry plums are for the colon and gut microflora.

How do plums help lower the risk of colon cancer?

Colon cancer thrives on recurrent intestinal inflammation which is caused by imbalances in the microflora. However, dry plums are rich in phenols, powerful antioxidants which counteract the harmful effects of oxidation and fight the free radicals that cause disruption in this microflora balance and DNA damage – the main causes of cancer.

According to experts, eating dry plums will help you:

  • Preserve the beneficial microflora balance in the gut
  • Contribute towards microbial metabolism in the colon
  • Lower the risk of colon cancer

What’s better, plums or prunes?

Now that we now they are beneficial, the main question is: are prunes or dry plums more beneficial? You should first know that prunes are plums but not all plums are prunes. These two, even though many think are identical, are not one and the same.
Experts say that dry plums should be your fruit of choice is you’re concerned about colon cancer. They are rich in sorbitol, something fresh plums lack and this ingredient is the key when it comes to preserving the good microflora in the gut and colon. It’s a type of natural sugar which isn’t fermented and contributes towards lowering the risk of colon cancer.


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