Best Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Having a baby is something that comes naturally to almost every couple, it’s their biggest desire after they’ve settled down with the love of their life. Having twins is double the happiness, double the joy and double the excitement. It may also be double the work but having twins is an amazing experience that happens just once in a lifetime.

Many couples would love to have twins but the odds for this happening naturally if it doesn’t run in the family are almost minimal. If you conceive via IVF or IUI the chances for twins are much higher but what about increasing your odds completely naturally? Well, we’re here to let you in on a secret: you can get pregnant with twins naturally and we’ll tell you exactly how!

Natural formation of twins.

The majority of twins are fraternal. What does this mean? Well they form when two eggs get released in ovulation instead of one and they develop from two separate eggs, while identical twins, which are much rarer, get conceived when just one egg splits in two in the early months of pregnancy.

Can you increase your chances of conceiving twins?

Yes you can and we’ll show you exactly how. If you have a history of twins in the family your chances of conceiving twins are much higher. Age and ethnicity plays a major role as well, African American women have a higher chance of twins than Caucasian women and Asian women. Older women also have a higher chance of conceiving twins. These are the things that are out of control and there’s nothing we can do about it. But there’s still a way you can tip the odds in your favor even if there haven’t been any twins in your or your partner’s family or you’re in the less likely group to conceive twins.

A recent study showed that women that have a BMI of 30 and more are more likely to get pregnant with twins. Also:

  • As we already said, older women have higher chance of conceiving twins but the risk factors also increase as we get older.
  • Eat more dairy. Women who consume lots of dairy product increase their chances for twins by 5 times. African women believe that eating wild yams increases their chances as well. One town in Nigeria is believed to have the most twins in the history of the world. They say that it’s because their women eat wild yams, but it can’t be just that. It’s possible that the wild yams there are spiked with some chemical that leads to hyper stimulation of the ovaries.
  • Breastfeeding plays a role. One study in the topic showed that women who were still breastfeeding when they got pregnant have 9 times higher chances of conceiving twins than those who weren’t.
  • The pill plays a role as well. You should try to get pregnant right after you’ve stopped taking the contraceptive pill. This probably has to do with the hormones because if you’ve been on the pill for a longer period of time when you stop taking it your body needs to learn how to control the hormone production on its own. For a short window of time your body could be releasing more hormones and your ovaries might release more eggs at the same time, leading to twins!

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