Do You Brush Your Teeth With Colgate Toothpaste? Did You Know That What You Put In Your Oral Cavity Contains Carcinogenic Chemical?

Colgate is the most popular brand of toothpaste and is being sold all over the world. Almost everyone use it. Unfortunately for everyone a recent study has proven that there is one chemical in this paste that causes cancers.

This carcinogenic chemical is called Triclosan and speeds up cancer cells growth. The Chemical Research in Toxicology journal published a study that stated how Triclosan increases the number of cancer cells. During the last few years many studies researched this item too.

The skin absorbs the Triclosan and hinders hormone functions as well as the endocrine gland functions. In 2008, the study of Environmental Health Perspectives stated that this chemical was discovered in the urine of 75% tested people, and 2.517 were elderly people. Many other products contain this chemical too, for example hand sanitizers and cleaners, detergents and deodorants!

The Chemical Research in Toxicology journal published that this toothpaste causes development of cancer cells. It is extremely harmful if the chemical goes into the skin or even worse into the blood stream. It completely changes the hormones.

Despite all of this, despite all the facts and all the evidence Colgate still remains the most famous toothpaste in the world. The only country that forbade the Triclosan chemical is Canada. This country takes no interest in this matter and banning is not in the future plans. The same thing happened with the case of asbestos DT and PCB.

If the country will not do anything about this problem then we must do something to protect ourselves. So next time you go shopping, make sure you read the product labels and if you come across such information, maybe consider buying other brands.

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