Cardiovascular Failure 12 Times More Prevalent In Those Deficient In This…..

Latest research indicate that vitamin D deficiency is linked to heart failure, especially in the elderly people and even though we need more research to confirm that vitamin D supplements can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases, the researchers behind this study are confident in a positive outcome.

According to experts, if we are deficient in vitamin D there are 1000% bigger chances of heart disease. And the best source of vitamin D is sunlight. The chances of getting sufficient vitamin D from food are next to zero which is why it’s important to get more sunlight exposure.

If you’re a vegetarian then your chances are even slimmer. But in this modern society humans spend less and less time in the sun, which is probably the reason why more than a billion people around the globe are deficient in this essential vitamin. 90% of the vitamin D we get is from sunlight exposure, our body synthesizes it but only if we spend enough time under the sun.

The study we mentioned earlier discovered some quite interesting things about the link between vitamin D and cardiovascular disorders. According to the people behind the study there is a specific set of molecular signaling events by which vitamin D prevents inflammation. The subjects in the study, elderly people, who had low vitamin D levels had a 12 times higher risk of heart failure compared to the subjects with normal levels, the researchers from the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil reported. According to their findings, vitamin D deficiency poses a bigger threat for the cardiovascular health of elderly people than heart arrhythmia or obesity.

The lead author of the study, Catarina Magalhaes Porto, confirmed that they concluded there is a strong connection between vitamin D deficiency and an increased risk of heart failure. Porto also added that based on the findings of this study we can certainly conclude that there is a need for supplementation with this vitamin in the people who are deficient if we want to protect the patients from heart problems.

There is strong evidence to suggest that vitamin D deficiency can lead to heart failure and that increasing the levels of vitamin D can decrease this risk but we still need more studies and researches on the subject before we can conclude for sure. Until more evidence is available there’s no harm in spending an extra 15 minutes under the sun, provided you have sunscreen on!

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