Carrot Syrup To Eliminate Phlegm, Cough, Flu, Colds and Throat Discomfort

Carrots are an extremely healthy veggie and are the main ingredient in the syrup we present today. This carrot syrup is effective against the cold and the flu and will improve your overall health. We all love and use carrots in our everyday cooking but now we’ll show you how to use it to protect your health.

Aside from its impressive skin and eye benefits, carrots are super effective in treating respiratory diseases, including the common cold, the flu and the persistent cough as a result of the high amount of vitamin C and B complex which strengthen our immune system. This syrup will help you in case of a cold or the flu, constipation, chronic inflammation and pain and tension.

Health benefits of the carrot syrup

The syrup is made of carrots, honey and lemons – natural ingredients with super beneficial properties. All of these ingredients are good against respiratory problems which are common in the cold winter months and will help you eliminate phlegm, cough and throat discomfort.

The carrot abounds in minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, sodium and phosphorus, vitamins like C, A and B complex and antioxidants which fight free radicals damage and prevent the onset of diseases like cancer.

The preparation of the syrup is super easy, the ingredients are cheap and readily available to all and it’s the most economic and effective way to combat all of the health problems mentioned above.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare the syrup:

– 2 carrots

– ½ cup of honey

– 1 lemon

– a glass jar

Preparation method:

Cut the carrots into slices and toss them in the glass jar. Now add the honey and the lemon and leave it for 24 hours before starting the treatment.

You’ll need to take 1tbsp. of the carrot syrup two times a day, or you can drink it like a tea and add the same amount to a cup of hot water.

Aside from fighting the cold and the flu and relieving respiratory problems, this syrup will help you with the following problems:

– Improves intestinal function and relieves constipation

– Alleviates acidity, gastritis and acid reflux

– Preserves your teeth’s natural enamel and prevents cavities

– Boosts your energy levels

– Supports bones, joints and muscle health

– Helps with kidney stones

– Preserves good eye-sight and prevents twilight blindness

– Improves the quality of your nails, skin and hair.

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