If Chemotherapy Fails 97% Of The Time, Why Do Doctors Recommend It?

Pharmaceutical companies are among the most profitable companies across the globe and their owners are grossing in a net worth of billions on account of us the ordinary people. They’re selling sick people the idea of health, similarly to how diet sodas are sold to fat people who believe it will help them slim down. Both ideas are far from the truth!

When it comes to Big Pharma and cancer we all know that the two main therapies conventional medicine supports are chemo and radiation. Those who’re lucky to have avoided cancer in their lifetime know that every doctor recommends a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle overall is the key to lowering the risk of cancer. But what about the ones who have been unfortunate to develop cancer despite their good efforts? Well, the doctor will probably either advise a surgery even it’s doable, and probably chemotherapy or radiation. What’s surprising is that no doctor will even bother to find out the root cause of the cancer, they’re just interested in selling their patients drugs that make profit.

But why do doctors recommend chemotherapy is it fails in 97% of the cases?

Peter Glidden, BS, ND discusses this issue in lengths, explaining the low rates of success of chemo and how medicine is not actually working for us, the patients, but just making money for Big Pharma and the doctors.

Glidden says that the only reason why chemo is still being used is money. He points out that doctors don’t get a cut from most of the drugs they prescribe but with chemotherapy drugs it’s different. They are the only drugs that doctors get a direct percentage from.

There’s still no scientifically backed cure for cancer and there probably won’t be anytime soon, however there are thousands of success stories from people who’ve managed to defeat this modern day plague with simple lifestyle changes and natural, holistic remedies. Every organism is different and the same things don’t apply to everyone, but there’s hope in these naturalistic approaches. But if you ask your doctor about it he’ll probably laugh it out in your face and tell you that these stories can’t be true. Why? Because there’s no profit in natural remedies and in people who cure themselves!

Dr. Glidden continues by revealing that chemo is ineffective in 97% of cases, so why is it still used? Because there’s money in it. If Mercedes built a car with an engine that exploded 97% of the time will they be selling it still? Probably not!

Another doctor, a naturopath, Dr. Leonard Coldwell discusses the havoc that chemotherapy leaves behind in the patients’ bodies. He points out that the reason why patients seem cured is that in the process of killing off the cancer cells, the chemotherapy drugs destroy a bunch of healthy cells as well.

Chemotherapy destroys every biochemical and bioelectrical function in your body. Everything is in disarray, nothing functions and of course you have no cancer for 3 years. The only problem is that you’ll probably be dead in 5.

He continues by adding that doctors realize how powerless they are in the first years of their practice. They start doing their job enthusiastically until they realize that whatever they do the patients just get worse or cure themselves on their own.

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