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A Completely Natural Way To Cure Stage 4 Cancer Using Just 1 Vegetable!

All of us want to be and stay healthy. For that reason we try to lead healthy lives and change our bad habits into good ones. Unfortunately many deadly diseases which appear on the inside of our bodies can not be discovered in time and hit us when we do not see it coming. The following story is about a children’s book author named Ann Cameron, who has published more than 15 books. In 2012 she found out that she has colon cancer and it was already in stage 3. She wanted to share the story how one miracle vegetable saved her life!

In 2005, despite having chemo therapy, her husband died of lung cancer. So, this time she said no to chemo and decided to heal herself the opposite, natural way.

When she was diagnosed, she immediately went to a doctor for a surgery to remove the cancer. She was informed that the surgery required chemo therapy afterwards. This greatly disappointed her due to the fact that her husband didn’t respond well to chemo and she decided to try chemo-free treatment.

Needing an alternative medicine, she spent hours on end searching for such. Then, she stumbled upon Ralph Core, who is a 26 year old man, who had battled skin cancer. His story was an incredible one, in which he had managed to cure his cancer by drinking 2.5 kg carrot juice on a daily basis!

So she did the exact same thing with the exact same dosages. After eight weeks she went for a test check up and it showed that the cancer didn’t spread anymore and also the tumors in the lymph system and glands had decreased. After 4 months there were still no signs of the tumors spreading more! Then, when 8 months passed, the test scans showed no tumors in her body whatsoever and the cancer was gone.

In the treatment of cancer some supplements are strictly forbidden, carrot juice however is allowed. Carrot juice works amazing with the radiation and chemo therapy and so there are no side effects from it. In this case Ann consumed only the juice without the chemo.

She had no radiation, no chemo and no other toxic curing methods, just the juice!

She said that if a person is healthy, then there would be no need for chemo, just the juice. You won’t get more sick if you just postpone the surgery and chemo treatment and drinking carrot juice won’t do any harm, there are only benefits from it. The carrot juice can stop the growing of tumors and cancer cells as well.

You should try this method in case you hesitate about chemo. In any case there are never side effects in an all natural, chemical-free methods!

Article and source image: www.organichealthuniverse.com

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