The food we eat every day is mostly filled with preservatives, artificial dyes and all kinds of chemicals. These harmful ingredients can lead to different medical conditions and cause us numerous health problems.

Why are these chemicals and preservatives so harmful? Well, firstly because our body can not digest them properly and this is a big problem. When we eat a salad or something healthy our body process that meal in an hour or two. However, when we eat a hamburger or some other processed food, it stays in our system for up to three days, leaving behind toxic residues which clog our arteries and cause us health complications. If we want to avoid having to deal with these issues we need to avoid junk food completely and focus on eating healthier food.

Many people are aware of the dangers of fast food and processed food, but what isn’t so commonly known is that the drinks we ingest are also loaded with artificial sugars and preservatives. A can of soft drink can contain up to 30tbsp of sugar, can you imagine?

After reading this you’ll never drink a glass of soda again!

Who doesn’t love Coca Cola? It’s without a doubt one of the most famous drinks around the globe and everyone enjoys a can of ice-cold Coke on a hot summer day. Many people are even addicted to Coke, mostly because of the abnormally high amounts of sugar in it which can be a big problem. According to some studies, the high amount of sugar in soft drinks like Coca Cola is a big factor in the high rates of obesity in the USA, and can led to a number of health disorders. If you want to avoid health complications and weight gain you should stop drinking Coke ASAP.
Do you know what happens to your body just one hour after you drink a can of Coke?

10 minutes later
Your body has received the total amount of sugar it requires for the day.
20 minutes later
Your liver starts turning all that sugar into fat.
40 minutes later
You’ve absorbed all the glucose from the drink in your blood and your blood pressure has risen significantly.
45 minutes later
Your heart rate starts increasing due to the high levels of dopamine released from your brain.
60 minutes later
One hour later your blood sugar spikes and you’re at risk of developing diabetes.
This short description can give you a clear idea of what exactly happens in your body when you drink just one can of Coke or some other similar soft drink so you can imagine what risks you face after life-long consumption? Start eating and drinking healthy food and smoothies and eliminate these harmful substances from your everyday diet!

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