If You Consume A Whole Turmeric Your Brain Physically Changes! This Is How…

Turmeric root is regarded as miraculous plant, due to its beneficial health properties on the body. This is mostly because of its active compound called curcumin.

Curcumin has a numerous healing properties and health benefits. In addition, were you aware that a whole turmeric can aid in brain regeneration? Moreover, this property doesn’t attribute to curcumin!

Beneficial Health Properties of Turmeric Root:

– It delays the aging process and thus it combats age-related conditions;
– It aids in the treatment of cancer as well as preventing its occurrence;
– It improves the health of the heart, thus lowering the risk of developing dangerous heart conditions and illnesses;
– It increases the levels of neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, thus fighting off depression
– It rises the levels of BDNF (a brain hormone that combats the degenerative processes in the brain by enhancing the growth of new neurons)
– It has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The active compound curcumin enters the molecules that cause inflammation and it neutralizes the free radicals there.

An Overlooked Benefit

Turmeric contains an aromatic-turmerone, which is a fat-soluble compound whose benefits are often overlooked. Researches from Germany have comprehensively studied its effects on neural stem cells. They discovered an incredible property of the turmeric root. When exposed to aromatic-turmerone, the number of neutral stem cells were increased by 80 %, in other words, this exposure lead to a healing process. This method was tested on rats, who created healthy and fully functioning new brain cells. In addition, a size growth in both the hippocampus and subventricular zone was noticed.
Aromatic-turmerone is a powerful regenerative agent that can aid Neural stem cells in brain regeneration, and it is also believed aid in the treatment of degenerative diseases of the brain such as a stroke or Alzheimer`s disease. Moreover, it also distinguishes between neurons and stems cells, which is the main purpose of regenerative medicine. In addition, curcumin has been found to improve the overall memory processes of patients with Alzheimer`s disease.

What Does This Actually Mean?

– Although many people assume that a curcumin extract is enough to gain all its benefits, using the whole turmeric root offers many more beneficial health properties, which they are missing out on. For instance, when treating polyps or colonic inflammation, the use of the whole root instead of just an extract is much more beneficial since the extract, instead of reaching the large intestine, will be absorbed by the small intestine.
Even though the effects of the aromatic-turmerone are not fully understood yet, this recent studies indicate that it has a regenerative factor within. Due to the fact that plants with healing properties consist of various beneficial compounds, it cannot be said which one of these compounds is the one that contributes the most to the healing property of the plant. Both ar-turmerone and curcumin are found to have beneficial health properties for the body, so to gain the most that this plant can offer make sure you use the whole turmeric root.

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