Cure Psoriasis Using a Common Kitchen Product

Psoriasis may very well be one of the most problematic skin conditions which is very difficult to treat and affects millions of individuals across the globe. This condition happens as a result of inflammation of one of the layers of our skin and manifests through small patches of rough, red, scaly skin mostly on the scalp, elbows and knees. Studies show that psoriasis is a result of the action of the immune system’s interleukin proteins known as IL-23 and 17. Conventional medicine offers a number of systemic or topical remedies that are usually prescribed for the condition but they’re most often ineffective or provide just short-term relief. However, one natural remedy gives excellent results and can help you relieve the condition. We’re talking about vanilla extract.

There was a study conducted recently on rats with induced psoriasis who were subjected to a treatment with vanilla extract in the duration of one week. The group of rats treated with this remedy showed significant improvement in their symptoms compared to the group that wasn’t treated with vanilla extract. They also had a significantly reduced level of proteins IL-17 and IL-23 which got the researcher hyped about the possibilities of treatment with this common kitchen ingredient. It goes without saying that further research is needed in order to verify the results and human clinical trial will need to be conducted but the results are very promising and give way to a new, revolutionary treatment for this common skin disorder.

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