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The Diet That Starves Cancer And Reverses Diabetes

As many may believe that a diet low in fats is health beneficial we’re here to tell you that it’s not. It’s been recently revealed by medical experts that we actually need a good portion of healthy fats in our diet if we want to reserve our cardiovascular health.

Cardiologists have busted the myth about cholesterol as the main cause of clogged arteries and heart attacks and have also stated that the anti-cholesterol drugs we’re all taking, statins, can actually be more dangerous to our body than the cholesterol itself. Moreover, cholesterol is what our brain and nervous tissues need in order to regenerate and develop properly.

According to latest studies a diet high in fats can actually reverse a variety of aggressive cancers but if you’re waiting for an approval by Big Pharma don’t be fooled, they’ll never support these claims. They’ve got no profit in revealing that food can be your cure and instead ask for funding to work on developing so called ‘cures’ and ‘vaccines’ which will never work.

Keto diet – A diet high in fats – More than efficient

We’ll share with you the story of Dr. Fred Hatfield, a former trainer, world power lifting champion and a successful businessman and how he was able to reverse his cancer. He achieved his doctors title after completing his studies in kinesiology.

Dr. Fred Hatfield was suffering from an aggressive form of metastatic skeletal cancer and his doctors told him he was going to live for three months maximum. Despite the bad news, he wouldn’t give up on his life and decided to search for an alternative cure for his condition. He stumbled upon the ketogenic diet and decided to give it a go.

Fred discovered a study conducted by a metabolic researcher at the South Florida University, Dr. Dominic D’Agostino which had promising leads about the efficiency of ketogenic diets in aggressive cancer patients. In this study, mice suffering from aggressive forms of cancer were put on a diet high in fats and low in glucose and carbs. After a while, when compared to mice who were put under chemo, the keto-mice were recovering better and were actually reversing cancer.

This was enough for Fred to start his own keto diet and hope for the best. He eliminated carbs and sugars completely and started consuming more meat and good fats instead of the trans-fats we’re so accustomed eating. Best sources of healthy fats are butter, eggs, cold pressed olive oil, coconut oil and hemp oil. He followed this regime for a few months only to realize after a while that he was cancer-free. After a year he was still healthy and feeling amazing.

Dr. D’Agostino’s research has helped many realize the potential of the ketogenic diet and he says that many other patients have been able to reverse their cancers as well by following this regimen.
The best thing about this ketogenic diet is that there are no unwanted side-effects other than weight loss!

Ketogenic diet regimen to reverse cancer

Good Fats:  Olive oil, butter, coconut oil, avocado, eggs, nuts and raw seeds;
Low carb. vegetables: Brussel sprouts, asparagus, kale, broccoli, celery, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, collard greens.

Good sources of protein:  Wild game, fish and seafood, grass-fed beef, fermented dairy, grass-fed raw organic dairy, organic poultry;

It’s been scientifically proven that cancer cells thrive of sugars and carbs but somehow oncologists fail to mention this crucial fact to their desperate patients. Instead, they pump their patients with ice-cream and pastries while administering chemo and radiation. Alternative treatments, on the other hand, embrace these facts, and come up with effective diet regimens to counteract the negative effects of cancer and reverse it altogether.

Source: thehealthawareness.com

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