Doctors Do Not Say It – Secret To Eliminate Lice From Your Child Head Fast and Cheap

When your kid starts scratching its head you immediately think it’s got to be lice. Lice is a really irritating experience but even though it may not be with fatal consequences we know that we must get rid of these nasty critters as soon as possible. And that’s where the problem arises, its elimination can be quite difficult.

Combing a child’s hair with a lice comb can be time-consuming and quite painful for the child. Children are often restless and don’t want to comb their hair with a regular comb, let alone with a lice comb that pulls their hair and hurts. This makes the elimination treatment downright impossible.

Lice usually affects children but it’s not an unheard condition in adults as well. It can be even more embarrassing if you catch lice as an adult, not to mention painful and itching. The worst thing is that they multiply so quickly that in a matter of day you could be facing a nasty infestation of lice. So what’s the best and most effective way to eliminate lice?

The best lice-elimination method

You may think about shampoos but they’re certainly not as effective as the commercial would like us to believe. The recipe below is definitely the most effective treatment for lice elimination and all you need to do is acquire the following ingredients and follow the steps below:

  • mouthwash
  • lice comb
  • shower cap
  • white vinegar
  • towel

The process:

Pour the mouthwash on your hair until it’s completely wet and put the shower cap on. Leave it on for an hour, you may find this ridiculous but the smell of mouthwash will have an effect of lice as they don’t like it. Then rinse your hair and pour the white vinegar on. The vinegar will kill of the eggs so you need to leave it on for an hour and put the shower cap again.

Now you can wash your hair with shampoo and comb it with the lice comb and that’s it, you’ll have a lice free set of hair.

If you fear a kid at school may have live just spray some mouthwash on your child’s hair and it should keep the lice at bay.

Article and image source : https://homeremediesgarden.com/health/doctors-do-not-say-it-secret-to-eliminate-lice-from-your-child-head-fast-and-cheap/


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