Don’t Throw Away Your Tea Bags – Here are 17 Things You Can Do Instead!

Tea is healthy and we all love drinking it because it’s also delicious. It can help you unwind and relax at the end of the day or help you kickstart your mornings full of energy. But I bet we all make the same mistake when we drink tea, which is throwing away the tea bag right after drinking our tea. Why is that a mistake? Well because it seems that tea bags can be used for much more than just brewing tea and here’s how.

Fresh Smelling Hands

If you’re cooking spicy foods your hands will probably smell nasty afterwards. Onions, fish or garlic’s odor can linger on until the next day but not if you rub your hands with a tea bag. Any kind of tea bag will do the trick but for best results use peppermint tea.

Compost for Your Garden

Tea bags can provide your garden soil with beneficial nutrients so you can add them to your compost and enrich the soil you plant in. You can even use the leftover tea to water your plants.

Substitute for Mouthwash

Use an old tea bag to make your own mouthwash. Soak it in a cup of warm water and use it as you would a regular mouthwash. The best tea for this is rosemary or sage, as well as peppermint.

Beneficial against infections

Topical infections, canker sores, fever blisters and pink eye can be effectively cured with a warm tea bag, by applying it on the spot. Herbal teas are the best option for this.

Eliminate unpleasant smells

You can use tea bags as an odor neutralizer, they will absorb the unpleasant smell from your fridge, the trash can, your carpet and even your shoes.

Alleviate razor burns

If you have a nasty razor burn just soak up a few used tea bags in warm water and apply them on the spot. Your best option for this are chamomile or lavender.

Hair Rinse

Strengthen and soften your hair with tea, make a weak tea and rinse your hair with it. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Custom made, portable air-freshener

Why buy those expensive air fresheners when you can make one yourself. Tie up a tea bag around your car mirror and problem solved. You’ll have the best results with peppermint, jasmine or lavender tea.

No more grease on your dishes

If your dishes are all greasy and burnt and you don’t know how to clean them up, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Soak a few used tea bags in your dishes overnight and just rinse them in the morning.

Herbal baths

Soak a few used tea bags in your bath tub and enjoy the ultimate herbal experience. Which tea to use? You can use any tea you like, but you’ll get the best results from lavender, chamomile, rosemary, green tea or peppermint.

Insect repellent

Not just insects but mice as well hate the mint odor, so why don’t you use old mint tea bags instead of your go-to repellent. Just scatter them around the house and your insect problem is solved.

Anti-inflammatory agent with relaxing properties

Teas have potent anti-inflammatory properties so you can use them for relaxation and to soothe inflammation. You can use them for toothaches, place a warm tea bag over the aching tooth; for puffy eyes place two old tea bags over your eyes and leave them on for a few minutes; for blisters apply the tea bag directly over the blister.

Improve your plants’ health

Place a few used tea bags at the bottom of your pot if you want to enrich their soil with important nutrients. The best teas for this are herbal ones because plants don’t like caffeine.

Cure Warts

Nobody wants to have warts, they are unpleasant to the eye and sometimes can even be painful so we all want to get rid of them. Used tea bags can do wonders, just soak one used tea bag in some warm water and apply it directly on the wart. Leave it on for a few minutes and repeat the procedure for as often as you can. Your best choice for this is green tea.

Toxin-free dye

If you want to highlight your hair with brown and orange tones, old tea bags can do the trick. Just steep them in some warm water and rinse your hair with it. Old tea bags can even be used to color clothes, paper and cards, so they’re an excellent non-toxic dye for kids.

Add flavor to your dishes

Used tea bags can add a nice flavor and aroma to your meals especially pasta, rice and quinoa. You can add any flavor you like, but it works best with jasmine, cinnamon and green tea.

Treat poison ivy rashes

We’ve all been there and know it’s quite painful and uncomfortable. The best solution for poison ivy rashes? Old tea bag. Apply it directly on the rash or blister and leave it on to absorb the oil. You can also warm it up a bit in a pot of warm water and apply it then. Try it out, it’s effective both ways. The best tea for this is peppermint because it has a soothing effect on the skin.

How to store the old tea bags?

If you want to use old tea bags you need to store them properly for later use. Leave them at room temperature for 24 hours and then put them in an airtight container and store them in your fridge. Use them whenever you need to. If they start to smell it means that it’s time to get rid of them.


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