Dr. Johanna Budwig Used 2 Ingredients To Make A Natural Remedy Extremely Beneficial In The Fight Against Cancer, But Then The Government Got Involved…

During her career the German Doctor Johanna Budwig (1908 – 2003), who has six nominations for a Nobel Prize in the field of Medicine, cured 90 percent of all the cancer patients she ever treated. She cured many different kinds of cancer by using an all natural, non-toxic components that don’t have any negative side-effects. The doctor’s success and the threat of a cheap alternative to an expensive medicine, made her an enemy for the pharmaceutical industries as well as nuclear industries. Since the early 1950 these industries have been trying their hardest to repress her work, which is the main reason as to why the majority of the people in the world are not aware of the existence of the Budwig Protocol.

Dr. Johanna Budwig claimed that she had the answer for cancer, but that doctors would not listen. They would visit and observe her work and be impressed, and then they would offer a deal in order to copy her methods and earn millions of dollars. The good doctor would not accept these offers and so she was blackballed in all the countries she went to.
Furthermore, dead or healthy patients are not beneficial for the Big Pharma business, in other words they make a fortune from sick people who are only just alive. Because of this, it doesn’t come as surprise that they have absolutely no intentions in finding a cure. In conclusion, the most money-making disease in history of medicine is cancer and the Big Pharma will do everything they can to maintain this profitable business.

Acidosis, radiation and toxins, which are caused by pharmaceutical medications are the main cause for the development of cancer. The acidosis is a condition that happens in the last, terminal stage of cancer, where the patient’s body becomes highly acidic and what is more, the blood becomes unable to preserve and carry oxygen. The levels of oxygen in the blood of healthy individuals ranges from 98 to 100 which can be measured with a pulse oximeter. On the other hand, patients with cancer show low levels of only 60. Wastes and toxins, like carbon dioxide, replace the oxygen in the blood of a cancer patient. This deficiency of oxygen causes tumor formation and the cells mutate so that they will be able to get energy through a process of sugar fermentation. However, this is not a process considered biochemically “clean”. And so, the toxins and wastes from the fermentation process accumulates in the cells and causes even higher levels of toxicity. Additionally, this causes an even higher acidosis and an oxygen starvation of the cells.  In time, the process leads to replication of the cancer cells which finally ends up fatal. Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel Prize winning scientist (won his in 1931), had proven all of these scientific facts in his lifetime.
Oxygen is possibly the most powerful weapon of the body in the battle against cancer. The Budwig Protocol is a method which sparks the processes of supplying oxygen to function faster and much better than any other therapy, all the while it adjusts the pH level in the body much better than neutral, even to an alkaline level. While in alkaline level, the blood of the individual is filled with oxygen, which is deadly to the cancer cells.
The Budwig protocol is a method where the individual consumes a mixture made from quark cheese and flaxseed oil. Dr. Budwig found that the zero-fat, “healthy” diets are actually extremely dangerous. She removed all the unhealthy fats and the foods that induce cellular oxygen starvation, replacing them with necessary fatty acids and healthy foods. She also highlighted the significance of sunlight exposure, due to the fact that the sun is an all-natural supplier of the anti-cancerous vitamin D3.
The Budwig Protocol!
The Budwig Protocol has two stages.
1. The first stage is an all-natural stage, where the omega-3 fatty acids from flaxseed and the protein-sulfur of quark or cottage cheese are consumed in combination. Dr. Johanna Budwig stated that with a fatty acids deficiency, the respiratory enzymes are unable to function properly and the patient suffocates, regardless whether the person is given an oxygen tube or not. Lack of such highly unsaturated fatty-acids hinders many vital body functions. More importantly, it diminishes the person’s oxygen supply. It is impossible to survive without food or air or without such fatty acids. She discovered that our bodes synthesize the omega-3 fatty acids from the flaxseed oil in the precise amount that it needs. The medicine is generally ingested orally, although in some of the most extreme situations, Dr. Budwig had executed the method with an enema form of the flax seed oil.

Preparation of the medicine:

– Needed ingredients:
– 1 cup of pure quark cheese (Not one which was made using homogenized milk. Make sure of it!)
– a pinch of cayenne
– 10 flaxseed supplement capsules or 2 to 5 tbsp of flaxseed oil or you can also use 1 to 3 tbsp of ground flaxseed (Keep in mind that you must use the ground flaxseed (freshly ground) or flaxseed oil immediately after air exposure.
The medicine must be consumed orally once or twice on a daily basis. It can be stirred using a wooden cultery (make sure to never use anything metal).
The second part of the Protocol is basically a special diet. All patients are recommended to follow these rules for 6 months in the least, regardless of the symptoms.

The Special diet:

– Eat only fresh foods or freshly prepared.
– Do not consume all processed foods, or at least try to avoid such foods
– Do not consume non-organic or range-fed meats
– Follow a chemical-free diet
– Consume Vitamin C on a daily basis, but not a dosage higher than 5 g a day, because high doses can lead to kidney stress
– Do not consume pure animal fats: dripping, fatback, lard, etc.
– Don’t consume soft drinks
– Do not use artificial sweeteners
– Make sure to drink a cup of tea such as grape tea, peppermint or rosehip, three times a day. For sweetener use honey.
– Drink green drink on a regular basis to ensure proper nutrition
– Drink freshly squeezed vegetable juices made of carrots, celery, and red beet.
– Avoid hydrogenated oils
– Avoid fish oil and non-flax sources of omega-3 fatty acids
– Avoid soy products and canola oil
– Use unbleached sea salt instead of table salt
– Avoid the white salt, the white sugar, the white rice, the white bread, the white flour, as well as everything else that consists of chlorine compounds
– Look for flax seed oil that is preserved from air, light and heat. It must be organic and cold pressed
– Eat one tsp of organic coconut oil every day. Note that it should be cold pressed.
– Never consume commercial mayonnaise, any commercial toppings or salad dressings
– Avoid margarine and butter
– Do not consume sugar. Add grape juice or any other freshly squeezed juice as a sweetener instead
– Avoid tap water and bottled water, and use products that do not contain fluoride
– Reduce the use of all pharmaceuticals
– Use oxygen drink several times daily
– Use chlorophyll supplements
– Go to health food stores and look for safe alternatives to cleaning products such as detergents, bleaches as well as personal hygiene products such as common soaps and shampoos.
– Avoid sunscreens and cosmetics

Dr. Johanna Budwig published books
– Six books can be purchased in German. However only three have English translations:
– Flax Oil As A True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer And Other Diseases 1972
– Cancer – The Problem and the Solution 1999
– The Oil-Protein Cookbook 2000
In conclusion, it is very important to know that Dr. Johanna Budwig protocol is a product of an comprehensive research she conducted after discovering the necessity of fatty acids and their amazing properties. The anti-cancer mix of flax oil and cottage cheese or quark is not simply a culinary solution.

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