A Drink For Cleansing The Lungs! For Both Smokers And Ex-Smokers!

The American Lung Association reported that there are more than 600 substances in cigarettes that can put our health at risk harm us. If they are burnt, they can release up to 7000 harmful toxins!

About 69 of these toxins are cancerous and can create poisons in the body. Many of these substances can also be found in everyday supermarket products, but at least they have warning labes on them. People are informed concerning the toxic properties of these products but regarding cigarettes people are still in the dark.


Below is a list of some chemical substances and smoke toxins that cigarettes are made of:

  • Acetone, which can also be found in nail polish removal
  •  Acetic acid, which is a hair dye component
  •  Ammonia, which is a house cleaner component
  •  Arsenic, which is a rat poison component
  •  Benzene, which is a rubber cement component
  •  Butane, which can be found in the fluid in lighters
  •  Cadmium, which is a battery acid component
  •  Carbon monoxide, which is a car-exhaust fumes component
  •  Formaldehyde, which can also be found in embalming fluids for medicine and performing autopsies
  •  Hexamine, which can be found in the barbeque fluid for lighting
  •  Lead, which is a battery component
  •  Naphthalene, which is a mothballs component
  •  Methanol, which can be found in rocket fuels
  •  Nicotine, which can be found in insecticides and similar products
  •  Tar, which is a component in paving road materials
  •  Toluene, which can be found in paints
And these substances are just some of the toxins you inhale when you smoke.

The human lungs of both, people who smoke and those who have already quited are filled with these toxins! Fortunately there is a natural way to cleanse some parts of your lungs, a little bit at least. Drink this natural and healthy cleansing mixture. In order tom prepare this drink, you need only five ingredients, all of which you can find in the kitchen.

The ginger, the onion and the turmeric are items with the cleansing properties. The ginger is also known to have great healing properties, moreover it is an all natural medicine.

The turmeric is rich with minerals, vitamins and omega 3 fat acids. It also helps fight bacteria, viruses and cancer cells.
The onion has many anti-cancer properties, it fights malignant problems and prevents respiratory complications

The ginger can be used to remove mucus form the lungs
  •  1l water
  • 400 grams raw sugar
  •  One organic ginger root
  •  2 tbsp turmeric powder
  •  400 grams onion
Preparing method:
  • Pour the water in a pot and put on heat. Add the sugar and bring to boil. Use this time to chop the onions and the ginger root. Add them in the mixture. When boiled, add the turmeric and lower the heat. Let it cook until it’s reduced to half the amount. Pour the mix in a glass jar or a bottle. After it cools, refrigerate it. Consume daily, 2 teaspoons every morning and every night and two hours after meals.


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