E-Cigarettes Cause A Horrible Incurable Disease Called ‘Popcorn Lung’

We all know smoking is bad for your health and even if we smoke we try to quit and eventually we will, as long as we know that it’s bad we’ll be trying to cut this nasty habit. But unlike tobacco cigarettes, we believe that e-cigarettes are actually better and many smokers give up on tobacco only to get hooked up on these e-cigarettes. After all they were promoted as a healthy and easy way to give up smoking.

However, according to recent studies it seems that these e-cigarettes are bad as well. One study conducted by Harvard’s school of Public Health says that e-cigarettes may not pose the same threat as tobacco, but they have different health concerns, equally scary.

E-cigarettes contain a chemical, diacetyl, which has been linked to a number of respiratory diseases, including the so-called condition ‘popcorn lungs’. Popcorn lungs was first discovered in factory workers who worked in a microwave popcorn company and inhaled the butter flavoring used in the process. The disease scars the tiny air sacks in the lungs and can have deadly consequences. It’s manifested through a cough and shortness of breath.

The study discovered that all 39 e-cigarettes they examined contained high levels of diacetyl, chemicals that are not only used in e-cigarettes but in other flavor enhancers in alcohol, popcorn, fruity products, candy, cupcakes cotton candy and other foods we commonly consume.

The worrying thing about e-cigarettes is that they’ve been around for a short period of time and still there are users who’ve developed this condition and who knows what else they can cause.

The lead authors of the study, David Christiani and Elkan Blout, who are also professors of environmental genetics, said:

We’re still uncertain of the contents of these e-cigarettes. All the health problems get linked to the nicotine in the cigarettes, but these electronic cigarettes contain many other addictive compounds and cancer-causing chemicals, such as formaldehyde. The study now revealed that the flavoring for these e-cigarettes can cause lung damage. Who knows what else we’ll discover if we continue digging?”

It would seem that not even e-cigarettes are safe for our health but the best option is to quit smoking altogether. Further research is needed on the topic and until we have more information we’d advise you to stay away from these cigarettes.

Below you can watch a video by a man whose health was seriously damaged by e-cigarettes:


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