How To Eat Papaya Seeds In order to Detoxify Your Liver, Kidneys As Well As Heal Your Digestive System!

Papaya is a tropical fruit, sweet and delicious by taste and incredibly health beneficial in nature. It’s soft and mushy and we all love it for its amazing taste. However, papayas are not just delicious, they offer a number of health benefits and abound in nutrients.

Papayas have potent anti-inflammatory properties and can help you with a number of health issues including indigestion, injuries, elevated glucose levels, cancer and heart problems.

However, it’s worth mentioning that it’s not just the fruit that’s beneficial, its seeds may have even bigger health benefits than the fruit itself.

Papaya seeds can be consumed raw or ground, you can add them to your salad, smoothies and shakes and they’re improve the nutritional profile of every food you ingest. Here are their best health benefits:

Liver Detox

Papaya seeds are commonly used in Chinese Medicine as a powerful body detox tool. They also improve the liver function, stimulating body detox through the liver.

Consuming just 1tbsp. of papaya seeds on a regular basis significantly enhances the liver function and flushes out all the harmful toxins. According to the latest research, these seeds ca be beneficial for those suffering from cirrhosis as well, but for this condition you should take 5 papaya seeds 2 times per day for the duration of a month.

One remedy suggests grinding some papaya seeds and combining them with 1tbsp of lime juice and take this remedy twice a day for 30 days.

Improved Digestion

Papayas are super beneficial for good digestion as the seeds have potent antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties and help in the elimination of harmful microorganisms from your intestinal tract, thus improving digestion.

Moreover, papayas have anti-pathogenic properties as well, so if you have food poisiong or want to eliminate some bacteria from your digestive system you should consume 1tbsp of papaya seeds every day until you feel better.

Reduces Swelling and Inflammation

This delicious fruit has two super beneficial enzymes, papain and chymopapain, both with powerful anti-inflammatory properties which soothe swelling and inflammation in conditions like gout, arthritis, asthma and similar inflammatory conditions.

Kidney Detox

Aside from detoxing the liver, these seeds can help you detox your kidneys as well. Their amazing anti-inflammatory properties protect your kidneys from a toxin-induced infection.

Fight Hypertension

According to a number of rat studies, papaya and its seeds can improve your cardiovascular health. Further studies are needed to support this effect in humans but it was discovered that papayas contain a compound called carpaine which supports cardiovascular health. The papaya leaves and seeds, on the other hand, reduce high blood pressure.

Alleviate Cancer Symptoms

Papaya seeds are rich in certain flavonoids and phenolic substance which have natural antioxidant properties and prevent cancer cells from spreading to other tissues. The phytonutrient isothiocyanate they contain can lower your risk of prostate, breast, chest and intestinal tract cancer.

Natural Contraceptive

The Indians have been using papaya seeds as a natural birth control pill, so if you want to get pregnant you should not consume them. Studies conducted on male rats showed that regular consumption of papaya seeds, within a few days, decreased the production of semen slightly.

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