Every Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Methods For Curing In 5 Minutes!

The Japanese culture is known for its alternative medicinal practices which they have been using for centuries for treating all kinds of diseases and health problems. In this article we’ll reveal one such very effective technique that will fix your problems in a matter of minutes.

Today we’ll discuss the Jin shin Jitsu, an ancient healing art in Japan that is effective in harmonizing the emotional state of a person through the stimulation of different points on your fingers.

According to this technique every finger on the palm of your hand is connected to 2 organs in your body and if you stimulate the correct point on your fingers you’ll promote your physical and emotional health. The treatment lasts for 5 minutes but it guarantees amazing healing results for a number of different health problems. And the application of this method is fairly simple. All you have to do is take the finger connected to the organ you’re having problems with and hold it with your other hand, pressing tightly, for about 5 minutes. Breathe deeply while you do it and after 5 minutes release it. Now gently massage all the other fingers and that’s it.

Read below to find out which organ is connected to which finger:


Connected to: spleen and stomach

Emotions: anxiety and depression

Symptoms:  skin problems, anxiety, nervousness, stomach pain and headaches

Index finger:

Connected to: bladder and kidneys

Emotions: confusion, fear and disappointment

Symptoms: back pain, digestive problems, muscle pain and toothache

Middle finger:

Connected to: yolky bitter and liver

Emotions: irritability, indetermination and anger

Symptoms: fatigue, migraine, circulation problems, headaches in the frontal region, menstrual pain

Ring finger:

Connected to: large intestines and lungs

Emotions: negativity, fear and sadness

Symptoms: asthma, digestion issues, respiratory issues, skin problems


Connected to: small intestine and heart

Emotions: self-doubt, nervousness and worry

Symptoms:  weak bone, cardiovascular problems and throat pain

Now that you know this amazing technique you should start practicing. Whenever you feel some of these symptoms perform this ancient healing method and feel the immediate results.


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