Experts Share How To Save A Choking Baby In Seconds!

Children choke on all kinds of things all the time. According to statistics one child dies of food choking every 5 days, a staggering number. Every parent has said to have watched his child choke on something at least once and 80% of them didn’t have a clue what to do in such a stressful moment.

The emergency rooms say that the majority of children that end up there from choking on toys or food are babies up to a year of age. These numbers are terrifying, especially for parents to be who haven’t got an idea what to do if their child chokes on something.

The first thing you need to do is recognize the signs of choking.

If you notice your child:

  1. Coughing weakly
  2. Turning blueish
  3. Has problems breathing
  4. Can’t cry
  5. Makes high-pitched or soft sounds when inhaling
  6. Losses consciousness

You must act immediately because your child is choking.

Here’s what you need to do if something like this happens:

Open its mouth and try to check with your fingers if there is something stuck in its mouth. Then place your child facing down along your forearm, holding its chest with your hands and its jaw with your arms. Make sure the baby’s head is pointed downwards, lower than its body and perform 5 quick blows with the palm of your hand right between its shoulders.

If your child is still showing signs of choking place it in your lap with his face up, hold its head and place two of your fingers just below its nipples in the middle of its breastbone. Press it 5 times quickly, pushing half the way into its chest. Repeat the previous technique and alternate between the two. If the child is still choking give it CPR for a minute and call the ambulance right away.

Finally, if you can see the object that’s causing obstruction and your child is unconscious you can try to remove it with your fingers.

These advices can come in really handy in such an unfortunate moment but it’s always best to try and prevent such a scenario from happening.

Here are some precautionary measures you can take:

– Don’t let your child eat hard candy, nuts, raw carrots or allow it to play with small objects like buttons. They’re a choking hazard.

– Don’t let your child anywhere near coins

– When your child is eating don’t allow it to play, run on eat while lying down.

– Be careful with toys that are not for your child’s age. Read the labels carefully.

– Make efforts to learn infant CPR

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