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A Fast and Easy Way to Shed Some Pounds with This Japanese Morning Diet

The most recent diet that’s caught the internet public’s attention is The Morning Banana Regimen, designed by Hitoshi Watanabe and promoted in his book by the same name. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is the fact that it’s very simple and provides excellent results. The diet’s main rule is to eat bananas in the morning and drink plenty of water at room temperature throughout the day.

Can something this simple give results?

Surprisingly yes! Hitoshi was the first to try out this diet regimen after trying a number of other diets with no success. He was feeling frustrated and decided to create his own diet regimen with the help of his wife, who is a pharmacist. After seeing the diet is very effective he started recommending people to try it and all of them were successful at losing the extra weight.

Before breakfast you need to eat 1 banana and drink 1 glass of water right afterwards. Then you shouldn’t eat anything before lunch.

Bananas are rich in starch, a special type, which promotes weight loss. It goes straight to the large intestine without dissolving in the small intestine. The starch starts fermenting once it reaches the large intestine where bacteria turn it into short chain fatty acids. It also improves your GI tract’s function and feeds your cells, making you healthier than ever.

You should watch out not to overload your stomach. You can normally but follow the 80/20 rule: Eat 80% of your meal and leave 20% in the plate.

You can only consume raw bananas and wait at least 20 minutes after consuming one. If you still feel hungry feel free to eat another one.

Drink plenty of warm water as it will boost your metabolism into warp speed. Don’t drink milk nor alcohol and dinner shouldn’t be later than 8PM after which you shouldn’t eat anything else. Make sure you’re off to bed before 12AM as lack of sleep can make you gain weight. You can eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner but your snacks should be just fruit.

Health benefits of bananas:

  • They’re rich in potassium and fiber
  • They can reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • They improve your metabolism and make you feel satiated
  • They reduce food cravings
  • They’re a nutrient power house which can improve your overall health
  • They can help you lose weight without costing you a fortune

If you follow this diet you’ll feel more energized, improve your metabolism and regulate your blood sugar levels in addition to losing weight. Start it right away and see for yourself!

Article and image source : http://www.organichealthcorner.com/fast-easy-way-shed-pounds-japanese-morning-diet/


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