The Fat Facts: Butter vs Margarine, The Truth We’re Not Being Told

For a long time we’ve believed that butter and all things that have butter in them are health-detrimental. We believed that margarines are a way healthier option to butter and preferred them in our diet. However, it seems that we’ve been mistaken and that butter is the healthier alternative to margarine, even though they’re quite similar in appearance, their composition is completely different.

Margarine is an artificial product, created in the lab and loaded with trans-fats, the type of fats that are detrimental for our health. It was first introduced on the market in 1903 and its mass production began. Many people buy margarine as it is cheaper than butter, but they’re unaware of the health dangers of eating this product.

When it was first created, it was discovered that they add hydrogen to the vegetable oil they get a product similar to butter, but one that’s more solid and easily spreadable. Back then, the people who made it were unaware of the dangerous effects of these trans fats and the way they harm our health.

Our body needs fats like omega 3 and 6 to function optimally, but it doesn’t need the trans-fats we can find in margarine.

These trans fats have a different function and molecular structure and many studies have shown that they’re health detrimental. Back in 2008, a study conducted on the topic revealed that trans fats increase the risk of coronary artery disease by a whopping 23%.

How did we start believing that butter is bad for our health? Well, it all started in the 1950s when some smart-heads discovered that animal fats and butter have high levels of cholesterol and are linked to a higher risk of heart problems. However, after a few years these findings were debunked but butter had already gotten a bad reputation and it was difficult to make people believe that it’s in fact the healthier option. There are still some people who believe that butter is bad and margarine is healthy, which is entirely wrong.

Nowadays we know for a fact that the fats from bread and sugars, known as simple carbs are the main culprits for cardiovascular issues and that the animal fats in butter can actually prolong your life and make you healthier.

Now that you’re well informed we believe you’ll make the right call next time you go to the supermarket and pass straight by the margarine aisle and buy yourself some healthy butter instead.


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