Fathers Have More Influence in A Daughter’s Life Than Mothers, Studies Show


When it comes to mothers and daughters we all kind of believe that this bond is the greatest one in the world. Many would even say that a mother is all a daughter needs, which according to research is not entirely true. Recent studies have shown that daughters not only benefit from a fatherly figure in their life, but that fathers which are emotionally involved and present in their daughters’ lives are essential for their proper emotional development.


According to the study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, daughters who are close with their dads have a lower risk of developing emotional problems like anxiety and depression later in life and can handle stress better. Furthermore, this bond with their fathers makes them more open about their emotions and prepared to hold on to a healthy relationship in adulthood.

Daughters look up to their fathers for stuff like values, sexuality, relationships and self-image so when a daughter has a healthy relationship with her father it creates a positive image for the child and increases her self-confidence.


Aside from the emotional factor, fathers play a huge role in their daughters’ physical and financial health. Rutgers conducted a study which revealed that daughters who had a more involved father in their childhood were more likely to be well-off financially and physically healthier compared to those with uninvolved or absent fathers.

Fathers are usually perceived as a symbol of financial stability, which in combination with the physical and emotional well-being provides for a successful and financially established daughter.


It’s important that a father gets involved right at the start, this is what matters the most and what plays a role in the emotional and physical well-being of their daughters. This concept is relatively new but scientists all agree that the bond that forms in early life is the strongest and if several decades ago it wasn’t possible for fathers to be more involved now it sure is. You can feed your baby formula, change its diapers, sing a lullaby and many other things which would contribute to your daughter growing up into a healthy and emotionally stable woman.


Even though fathers can really get involved now from the start, the media seems to want to hold on to that old-fashioned image and goes against everything we’re saying. This negative media influence is getting harder to overcome and how can fathers do it when we’re bombarded with commercials that picture dads as idiots who don’t have a clue about what their baby needs or wants. These poor portrayals as stereotypes which shouldn’t be followed and should be dismissed as such, failed attempts at comedy and satire.


Even though this article was mainly focused on dads and their role in their daughters’ lives, we shouldn’t diminish the maternal figure and stress that a mother is just as important in the emotional development of their daughters. They provide guidance and advice on what it takes for a woman to be successful and share their experience in matters of puberty, menstruation, sexuality, relationships and so on.

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