This Flour Can Cause Tumor Growths Within The Kidneys And The Thyroid!

Our typical American diet is the reason behind the majority of chronic illnesses and premature fatalities and despite the fact that we’re constantly being warned to eat healthy, exercise and take care of our health we still continue our unhealthy lifestyle. The majority of foods available on the market today are junk food and they wreak havoc on our entire body, causing an array of health problems.

One of the biggest concerns in our diet is the plain, white flour, which is ever so popular. Nearly 100 years ago, the Missouri Federal Court stated that bleached white flour is not suitable for human consumption. Despite this, the FDA’s first chief, H. W. Wiley reported that this law was never enforced or implemented as a result of the flour millers’ political influences.

Today, the wheat most flour manufacturers use has been treated with pesticides, fungicides and insecticides. More than 60 different chemicals are approved for use in bleaching flour.

5 Surprising Facts About White Flour

  1. It has zero nutritional value

In the process of production, the core of the wheat seed which contains about 75% of all the minerals and vitamins is extracted and thrown away. Moreover, about 97% of the dietary fiber is lost in the production process, 70% of the iron, magnesium and vitamin B content, 50% of the total calcium and there’s no vitamin E left in the final product.

  1. Additional Amount of Potassium Bromate

After the flour is stripped of all the nutritional ingredients, it’s bleached and conserved with chlorine dioxide. Then they use aluminum carbonate and chalk to make it even whiter and finally they add an anti-salting agent. However, the worst part of the production is the addition of potassium bromate, which is used for oxidation. This ingredient is prohibited in many countries as it was declared a carcinogen by the IARC.

  1. White Flour is Actually an Insecticide

You may think it’s ridiculous but white flour is actually a natural insecticide. What does this mean? If an insect gets in the flour and eats it, it’s be the end of it. Any and all insects will die after consuming white, refined flour.

  1. Contains L cysteine

This is a non-essential amino acid which is usually added to baked goods and accelerates the processing. It’s mostly used in pasta, pizza doughs, pastries, fast food buns, cookies and similar products. It’s simple to make in a lab however some more expensive manufacturing methods include duck feathers and human hairs. These amino acids can also be found in cow horns, petroleum byproducts and chicken feathers. It also needs to be pointed out that the majority of this ingredient comes from China, a country that has rather loose food regulations.

  1. It Contains Alloxan, a Diabetes Boosting Toxin

Finally, white flour contains alloxan, a substance that freshens it up and cleanse it in the end. Clinical studies have shown that alloxan has a negative effect on the pancreas and damages the beta cells. Certain studies have dubbed alloxan the most powerful beta cell killer and claim its effects are devastating.

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