Experts say that the unique shape of our feet can reveal many things about our personality. There are a few different foot types, and all of them can reveal a lot about our character in general.

Here’s what your specific foot type says about you:

– People who can’t control the movement of their small toe – This particular sign says that you love control and stability. You want to control every opportunity yourself. In addition, you are a reliable guardian or parent who is able to provide secure and stable life your family.

– People who can control the movement of their small toe or who can separate the small toe from the other toes – If you have no trouble separating your small toe from your other toes, this says that you love changes and challenges. Boredom and dull routines are not your things. You are very curious individual and you live for the adventure trill.

– The Roman type of foot – This type of foot is the most common type in the world. It indicates that you’re a social and communicative type of person and that you also love adventure. Individuals with the roman type of foot love to be in the spotlight and are successful business leaders. Famous actors and musicians usually have this type of foot.
– The Peasant type of foot – This quadratic shape of foot is typical for calculating and calm people. People you can always count on. These types of people love to observe from the background and almost always remain silent. Another characteristic of theirs is a high IQ.

– The Greek type of foot – This type of foot is usual for pragmatic, happy and very emotional people. These individuals can love more than one person. The negative side is that people with this shape of foot have trouble finding comfortable shoes.
– The Egyptian type of foot – If you have an elongated foot, where each toe is lower than the previous (gradually), than this means that you are a great keeper of secrets. When a person tells you a secret, you will carry it to the grave. Furthermore, individuals with elongated feet are often moody and quite temperamental.

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