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How to Get Rid of Eye bags

Eye bags are a very common condition that affects millions of people of all ages and gender. They are manifested through minor swelling around the eyes and are often seen in people who’ve slept a bit too much or have just cried. But aside from crying and sleeping in, what else causes eyebags?

Eyebags can appear as a result of a number of things. They’re usually caused by allergies, fluid retention, stress and hormonal imbalances. As we already said if you cry you can get eye bags as well because the tear-producing glands in your eyelids get inflamed if they’re over-active. Food rich in sodium can lead to eye bags, as can some skin disorders, contact lenses, hypothyroidism, conjunctivitis, nephritic syndrome, tear glands that are dysfunctional and too much alcohol. The aging process is also known to be one of the main causes of eye bags, since the skin losses its elasticity over time and eye bags are formed.

The eye bags are manifested with small swelling, dark circles under the eyes and loose and saggy skin. If the swelling is persistent it may over time, be accompanied with itching, redness and even pain. In such a situation you might want to consult a doctor and see what’s the problem.

Home remedies for eye bags
Here are some of the most effective home remedies for eye bags:

Cold Therapy
Cold ttherapy has proven to be very effective against eye bags because it helps reduce the swelling caused by water retention around the eyes. You can splash some cold water on your face and you’ll notice instant improvement because the cold water will constrict your blood vessels and stimulate fluid circulation. For even better results you can add some ice to the water before splashing it to your face. Another alternative is to use a cold teaspoon and press it against your eye bags. Cool the teaspoon in the freezer and place it directly under the eyes. Once it’s warm take another one that’s cold and do the same.

This is another very efficient remedy for under eye bags. They have certain enzymes with astringent properties that reduce the inflammation and tighten the skin around your eyes. Cucumbers are also good for dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. Cut the cucumber into thick circles and place them in the fridge for about ten minutes. Take them out and place them on your eye lids. Leave them on until they become warm. Repeat the process a few times a day.

Eye Exercise
If you want to stimulate fluid flow in the eye region you can also practice some eye exercises. Facial yoga is a big hit these days and even Dr.Axe recommends it as an excellent remedy for under eye bags. Facial yoga involves skin toning and tightening exercises with amazing results. Using your fingers apply gentle pressure on the skin under your eyes and move in circular motions. This will stimulate fluid flow, relieve swelling and eliminate the excess fluid.

Finally we’ve got to get a good night sleep if we want to avoid eye bags. This is one of the main causes of under eye bags so if you want to avoid this problem you need to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
Even though this is not some serious condition that could have potentially life-threatening consequences, eye-bags are still an unpleasant sight. They’re an esthetic problem and make you look older, tired and exhausted, which is something nobody wants. Try some of these remedies and make sure you get a good night sleep every night, your face will thank you!

Article and image source: www.wellnessbin.com

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