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Get Rid Of Gout Without Medications, Just By Using This Natural Homemade Remedy!

Gout is basically a complicated form of arthritis. This condition is generally overlooked by people who do not suffer from it. However It can cause an unbearable pain for people who have it.

Gout is a condition caused by a uric acid build up in the blood which happens as a result of waste compounds breakdown processes of the kidneys. It occurs when the waste products of the body and the uric acid are accumulated as crystals in the soft tissues and the joints.

In the joints, these crystals lead to inflammatory arthritis, which in turn leads to intermittent pain, heat, redness, stiffness and swelling in the joints. Gout attacks happen because the inability of the kidneys to dispose of the uric acid and waste products thus crystallizing and build up in the joints. This chronic condition affects thousands of people.

Most common symptoms include sudden pain, redness in joints, heat and tenderness.

The following natural homemade remedy will help you prevent and treat gouts:

Needed items and ingredients:

– You will need a glass container with a lid;
– You will need a strainer;
– You will need a food processor or blender;
– 1 pineapple;
– 1 inch ginger root or 2-3 teaspoons if you are using powdered ginger;
– 1-2 teaspoons turmeric powder;
– 1 cup of tart cherry juice;
– a little bit of honey.

Preparation and usage:

– Start by peeling the skin of the pineapple and removing the stem. If you want to you can use the stem as well. Slice it into little pieces and put them in the blender. Blend well until it has no large pieces and then, add the tart cherry juice as well as the ginger and turmeric powder. Pour the mixture in the glass container, close the container with the lid and store the remedy in the refrigerator. Leave it like that for ten days. You can add some honey for better taste.

– This remedy can remain fresh for up to one month when stored in the fridge.
– Consume this remedy on a daily basis and enjoy the amazing results.

Article and image source: www.naturalhealthyteam.com

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