Get Your Wanted Results With These Amazing Butt Exercises

Who doesn’t want to have a curvy, shaped behind? We all do but we’re not all gifted with a naturally curvaceous, sexy figure and for as much as we try we somehow can’t seem to get a fuller bottom and wonder why. Well, the truth is that many of us are unaware which exercises are best for this body part and even do we exercise there’s no visible result in the desired area. If you’re one of those who just keep on doing squats with the hope that they’ll get you to your goal we’re here to tell you that you’re doing it wrong. Instead of those annoying and boring squats try some of the following exercises, we promise that soon enough you’ll look just like J Lo.

Get down on your knees and elbows and lift one leg up, keeping your core tight. Cross the leg you’ve lifted over the other leg and lower your leg to the floor, gently touching it with your toe. Return to previous position and repeat the exercise for a minute. Switch legs and repeat.

Single-leg glute bridge
Get down on the floor and lie on your back. Bend your legs at the knee and make sure your feet are as close to the butt as possible. Straighten one leg in front of you and squeeze your glutes. Now lift up your hips and butt and lower it down without touching the floor. Repeat for a minute and switch legs.

Hydrant with leg-extension
Get down on the floor on your knees and elbows, bend one leg and lift it up to the ceiling. Straighten the leg and repeat for a minute. Switch legs and repeat.

Bear-plank leg-lifts
Get down on the ground in plank position, while keeping the knees a bit bent. Now bend your leg at the knee at a 90 degree angle and kick as high as you can. Return to previous position and repeat for a minute. DO the same with the other leg.

Curtsy lunges
Stand up and position your feet at hip width. Place your arms on the hips and lift one leg sideways. When it’s lifted just cross it behind and bend the other knee so that your extended leg’s knee touches the ground. Return to starting position, repeat for a minute and switch legs.

Heel-lifted squat
Standing in the same position as in the previous exercise lift one heel up. Keep your core tight and push back with your hips, slowly lowering your behind to the floor. Make sure your straight knee doesn’t go beyond your toes. Push forward to return to starting position and repeat. Do the same with the other leg.

*Single leg dead-lift*
Keep the same position just place your right foot a couple of cm in front of your left foot. Bend your left leg at the knee, core tight and lean in front of you to touch the ground with your hands. Repeat for a minute and switch legs.

Sumo-Squats to calf raise
In a standing position place your feet apart at double hip width and keep your hands on your hips. The toes should point outwards and now slowly get down until your thighs get parallel to the floor. Raise your heels and return to starting position, lowering the heels. Take a breath, repeat.

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