Grow Hair Overnight, 1 Inch in 1 Day !!

You can find a million recipes for hair masks online which offer amazing results in short periods of time. And we all know how much we love finding a new, simple and effective hair mask that will regenerate our hair, boost its growth and make our hair silky smooth.

Well today we’ll share with you one such recipe, amazingly simple and effective that will make your hair grow long and healthy in no time. With this mask your hair will grow an inch every day, but only if you use it regularly.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare it:

  • 1tbsp Aloe Vera gel
  • 1 vitamin E capsule
  • olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • almond oil
  • castor oil

Preparation method:

Take a small bowl and mix the oils. Crush a vitamin E capsule and add its oil to the mixture as well. Stir everything to combine and apply the mask on your entire hair length and the scalp as well. Massage it into your scalp, tie your hair up and cover it with a shower cap. Apply the mask before bedtime and sleep with it during the night. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo and conditioner the next day and repeat the treatment once a week for best results. Your hair will be shiny, smooth and health and it will start growing really fast! The results are guaranteed!

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