These Are The Health Benefits Of Bananas That Most People Do Not Know

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and surveys show that people consume this tropical fruit more than any other fruit on a yearly basis.

Aside from being delicious and super sweet, bananas are also super healthy and can help you with a number of health conditions.

Bananas are especially popular in the Philippines, where they prefer to eat them boiled. However, experts say that boiling the banana strips it from it nutrients so it’s best if you consume it fresh.

Consuming bananas regularly will give you the following health benefits:

Boost your circulation

Bananas abound in potassium which is beneficial for improving your oxygen flow and boosting proper circulation. It also helps regulate your heart beat and water amount in your body. The abundance of potassium makes bananas good for preventing the risk of stroke and getting your blood pressure under control. To sum it up, bananas have an overall positive effect on your overall circulatory system.

Rich source of minerals, vitamins and energy

Bananas have an amazing nutritional profile and give your body an energy boost unlike anything else. Of you feel like you’re drained and low on energy munch on a banana or two and you’re good to go. Not even caffeine can beat its effects.

Eliminate constipation

Just like every other fruit bananas are rich in fiber but their enormously high content makes it the best natural remedy against constipation. It will resolve your constipation but won’t cause diarrhea.

Good cure for hangovers

Having a bit too much to drink happens to all of us and the next day is pure torture. Well, it won’t have to be if you eat bananas after your hangover because they abound in all the important nutrients your body needs to bounce back.

Stop smoking

If you’re a smoker and want to quit you assume that it’s going to be difficult. However, bananas can make this period much easier because they contain high levels of B vitamins and minerals which counteract the effect of nicotine in your body. Vitamin B6 is good against menstrual pains as well.

Treats Ulcer

Bananas promote intestinal health by reducing the irritation in your digestive tract and reducing the stomach acidity. It also leaves behind protective layer on your inner walls and can soothe heartburn thanks to its natural antacid properties.

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