Hummus Cuts Cancer Risk By 50%. 13 Ways To Make It With Only FIVE Ingredients Hummus is an amazingly delicious and nutritious dip with a number of health benefits and nutritional properties.

Hummus is mainly made of chickpeas which are abundant in B vitamins and proteins. The dip is super easy to prepare and is super tasty as well. It’s a rich source of fiber which keeps you full for longer, it also cleanses your gut and strengthens your immune system.

If you had your doubts about hummus here are 10 reasons why you should eat this delicious dip:

  • As it’s high in proteins it reduces your food cravings, prevents overeating and balances your sugar cravings. It’s also rich in iron which boosts your energy levels and increases your stamina and endurance while exercising. Everyone who wants to lose some weight can benefit from this delicious dip.
  • Studies show that chickpeas are effective at reducing your cholesterol levels.
  • Many famous people are quite addicted to hummus
  • Studies have shown that consuming chickpeas can lower your risk of cancer significantly
  • Hummus can be prepared in a variety of ways and flavors.
  • Hummus is a big part of the Mediterranean diet which many nutritionists recommend as a healthy eating regimen.
  • You can replace your sugar-loaded commercial dips with hummus and turn your snack into a healthy meal..
  • It’s super easy to prepare at home
  • The biggest plate of hummus was prepared in Beirut in 2010 and it weighed 23 520 pounds.

Chickpeas are a superfood so hummus is a superfood as well

Chickpeas have a nutty, sweet flavor so they’re an excellent addition to every salad. They are versatile and can be incorporated into soups, baked, made into humus and simply enjoyed in a variety of ways, knowing that you eat a healthy, nutritious snack. They belong to the bean family but they have a lower content of starch compared to the other bean family members so they’re an ideal diet food. You can purchase them in cans or jars you just need to make sure they’re not slated or soaked in oil. If you want to be sure you’re eating high quality product you can buy dried chickpeas and boil them yourself.

Humus, if prepared the right way, can help in your fight with cancer, lowering your risk by 50%. Legumes, including chickpeas, contain a certain compound which slows the growth of breast and prostate cancer and effectively defeats precancerous colon growths, in vitro and mice studies show. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume legumes have a generally lower risk of cancer by 32%, lower risk of colon cancer by 57% and lower risk of prostate cancer by 45%.

Prepare Hummus at Home

As we already mentioned hummus is easy to make at home and it’s super fast to prepare as well. All you need to do is make sure you’re buying organic chickpeas the rest is easy.

Every type of hummus is prepared the same way in general. Rinse and drain the chickpeas, toss all the ingredients in a food processor and pulse until they’re combined. If you believe your mixture is too thick you can add some water and get your desired texture.

The graph below will tell you everything you want to know about preparing hummus the right way:

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